Thursday, October 24, 2013

BACK with a vengence

Well anticipation is probably more like it.

I haven't posted for ages, and probably really haven't done much.

But I have 3 more hexie flowers.   lots of petal hexies ready to go.   Surgeries and Waiting Rooms are great for a couple of hours sewing.

But a lot of stitching time has  been spent making a new bag,
Let me explain......
some years ago I found this fascinating hexie bag on the Internet.  I think it was on UTube
 I can't give credit to the creator but the Scot thinks she must be a genius.   I have searched but cant find it again.   At the time, it was a bit confusing for my head so I cut and joined paper hexies to make a template and in one of those light globe moments I even wrote.   front hexie,  left side, right side, base on the appropriate hexies.I could fathom how to join it neither could the Scot it took me about a week to fathom out how it went.  
This bag was ideal for taking with  me to carry my stitching but as you can see fitting in the Ipod as well was a tad tight.
So another light globe moment, make it with bigger hexies
tra laa
Perfect size

 back                                                                                                                      inside

I have also done a little gardening, at long last.


Trust me ... The Scot doesn't .... and grumbles.   But this Lemon Verbena really loves it and jumps back .... you can see the new growth coming.
and I rescued this lavender from the  fish pond area ..... trust me it is coming back.
and look at the beautiful edges, when I used to cut the grass (we don't call it lawn anymore) I would always neaten the edges, but when The Scot took over after he retired (he did insist) he just didn't think edges worthwhile.  
You remember I told you how he grumbles because I was paying Mark to do the mowing.   Well last Friday he says to me ........ oh is Mark due again the grass is getting long.          grrrr Scots.?  But I think it is money very well spent.

As is the money spent on Ricardo.    If you can, save you pennies or cents and buy  a Roomba Vacuum Robot,    Worth every cent of their keep.
I promise it wont be so long before you hear from me again.


Vireya said...

Welcome back!

I like your hexagon ipod bag.

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see what you have been getting up to - besides waiting hand and foot on the Scot, bless his cotton socks! Lovely bag and beautiful hexies... As for Mark, well his neat grass cutting sets off the plants fantastically! Agree with you about pruning, many plants thrive for being shown who is boss - a bit like husbands lol.( Tongue in cheek joke really - but, mmm, I don't know so much.... :-D) I have fun watching your Roomba Vacuum dancing, via video! Good to see you back, love Jules. xxx

Helen said...

Lovely hexies and bag very clever !!!

natalie said...

Hello Sheila,love your little bag and do like a nice tidy garden. Ours is a bit rough around the edges need your helper here.

Karen said...

Love the flowers and the bag, fabulous!!!!