Saturday, September 14, 2013


since I last posted.  Was kinda standing between the devil and the deep blue sea ..... fortunately neither of these won ..... we did ..... well not exactly won but came out on top.
The Scot has so many things wrong with  him,  the kids can't believe it as they keep telling me ...Dad doesn't do sick or ill does he?   Well he didn't but its almost getting to the stage of  'what  isn't wrong with his body'.   There was a check up visit with The Pest Exterminator ..... remember him from 5 years ago when the dreaded c word first reared its ugly form.   There doesn't appear to be anything lurking  from that.  But he did give us this snippet of information.     In the days when gentlemen wore bowler hats .... do you know what they kept in them (also their walking stick handles)  .........   their catheters ..... lol ....   we did agree it might have been a bit on the nose.     But a great guy and he says he will meld into the background as The Scot is now seeing the Haematologist at the Hospital,  But he said to ring instantly if we had any concerns.    And he did confirm my thoughts that everything that has happened and is happening is to do with the little white thingies in the little white blood cells of the body.   or as the Haematologist said  ummmm just BAD BLOOD.  But like I say we are coming out on top.   We are still best buddies with all the medical folk and he has a small op coming up but the good news is he is feeling better and is putting on weight .... he now weighs a mighty 53.7 kilos.    I have changed our eating habits slightly.   We now have our cooked meal mid day or around 1.00.   It seems like its never ending in the mornings but then its worth it when tea time comes and there is not much washing up before settling down to sew (hexie flowers are growing very well) and watch TV.  Then I ensure he has a snack in between with sustagen, milo hot milk, sometimes savoury    biscuits and cheese, sometimes cakes, sometimes sweet biscuits.

We can well understand now how someone with a carer makes better progress than someone who has to fed themselves.   I know he would never bother with so much.

So I think some photos are in order

this morning he was out in the garden (at last he does admit than my instance on paying to get the lawns cut is well worth the money)

and then Relaxing after a hard day

I am even relaxing more now

and look at my beautiful bunch of Clivea ..... they were hidden in the fishpond area (I need to do some pruning and weeding)   So I thought they deserved a better showing.

And my latest toy
Meet Ricardo Roomba  ....... the new man in my life who does the vacuuming whilst I do other things.  Mind you I need a Pilots Licence to use him but more on that later.


Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL! YIPPEE! After our fortnight away this is just great news to have birdy. We both think The Scot looks really well and much improved. You look good too. So I will away to my jobs before bed, happy that all is well. xxx

Pauline Mitchell said...

Great to see the Scot looking so well and you looking relaxed. What magic is that robot weaving?
I think I love it if it works!

I'm back from a house swap in Darwin but had to return early as Dad passed away quickly ten days ago after 6.5 yrs in a nursing home. It think my brain might become less fuzzy and more stable now that he is at peace.

Spring is here which is a blast of cold air after Darwin.

Vickie said...

so happy to read that he is feeling a better..and getting outside into fresh air..great to see you do both look rested...I lov9e having main meal in the middle of the day but hubby does not...your flowers look gorgeous..umm hope Mr Robot does a good job for you,cheers Vickie

Sarah said...

So glad to hear that the news is good! congratulations to you both :)

Lindi said...

He certainly looks much better, Sheila. Your persausive talents obviously work! :) You are looking more relaxed, too.
I agree it's better when someone has a carer. I think I'd be lost without my darling hubby home here to look after me. It sure makes a difference.

Marcie said...

Lovely to see the Scot home and looking happy! He's very lucky to have such a devoted carer :-)

retdairyqueen said...

Lovely to read your up date Sheila
Hope things continue to go ok
Think of you often xx