Saturday, September 21, 2013

Idling away a Saturday afternoon whilst Ricardo does the housework.

Not sure I am ready for my Pilots Licence yet, but at least I programmed him to dock ..... eventually.

He sure does a good job of the carpet, wonder if he has any brothers who clean the bathroom.



Anonymous said...

Ricardo is lovely! He doesn't demand meat and doesn't snore - only hum! What better house man could you wish for? The garden is looking good too. Hey ho - like your thinking birdie. Sit back and let it happen. :-D xxx

Anonymous said...

I had seen the video on email but didn't yet any music with that! Hilarious! Two Scots who get along well together - canna be bad! xx

cinzia said...

Well must say it's good that Ricardo is working and the Scot is improving. Love the smiles as that is always a pick me up