Sunday, September 29, 2013

BACK again

It seems ages since I last posted.  Even tho Ricardo is keeping my floors in a wonderful condition.  Trouble is I still have to do the washing and ironing, also the cooking.  It seems like I am forever in the kitchen as we now  have our 'big' meal midday and then just a snackish style at tea time.  But then there are all the snacks in between.   Goodness knows how I am managing to be so strong and haven't put on weight - even lost a few pounds.  It is working as The Scot is now a whole 55 kilos, he did drop to around 47 and the medics were very concerned.

What have I been playing at ..... as you can see in my sidebar I have started another blog, this one is mainly for my cister in England so that she can get a better perspective of my life here.  It saves clogging her email box with large photo attached emails.   But before I started showing the garden etc. I thought I would explain a bit.  If interested go have a looksee.  I know - I love bells and whistles to play with.

Sitting at night with The Scot, in waiting rooms etc.  I have managed to finish quite a few more hexie flowers.
this is my container for at home .... quite organised for once

These are flowers completed since he became sick
I now have quite a few

Have been very undecided how to join them together.   But I came across a new blog ... well a wordpress page

and below is one of her quilts which I absolutely love.   So I think this is how I will proceed.

but do go and look  at her page she has some lovely work there.

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Anonymous said...

Ooooo... very pretty birdy, those hexies and the quilt. And very well done you for being firm and not gaining weight yourself by nibbling the tasty extra snacks. It is surely showing on your Scot - brilliant! Your other blog is most enjoyable - thank you for such a lovely thought and I do recommend other readers to take a break with a cuppa and see the development of your life in Australia. It is hard to imagine your home and garden as a barren plot! Lots of hard work there with love and fun. Jules. xxxx