Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Cruising along is not bad after the last three months.  Things are not brilliant but hey who's complaining.  Not quite so many appointments and I am getting a good 6 hours sleep at night, thank goodness I have such a guiltless conscience that I sleep well, when given the chance lol.

The Scot is still the patient from Hell.    Even one of the Specialist's told him that he was one of the most spoilt patients they had seen,  he didn't even flinch lol.

so maybe a couple of photos, he is still very  very underweight but after a couple of bouts of serious non eating, he has at last started to put on a little weight.   I should have taken a photo of my pantry. 
When I go shopping the 'checkout chick' must think I have a  family of at least eight.   There are so many different goodies to try and tempt  him to eat.

we won't mention the cricket, although we are still watching and cheering the guys,

There doesn't seem much time left in the day for sewing and artistic work at the moment.  But the hexies have been a great standby and quite a few new flowers have bloomed with stitching in the  evenings watching the TV with The Scot.
Hexies seem to be a little addictive with me as I am making some covers for the back of the new lounge chairs, this time slightly different in construction.
 My new laptop with Windows 8 is proving tricky.... but I am quite surprising myself with the things I am learning to do, as in the new banner, although I have found that a lot of my old programmes, aren't compatible, but at least I am getting more updated.

Also back into the reading.... I finished And the Mountains Echoed ~Khaled Hosseini a very different read ....... different stories woven into the one story.  Very sad and thought provoking, a definite recommendation.  Then a little something lighter, Cocaine Blues ~ Kerry Greenwood and  Flying Too High ~Kerry Greenwood.  Really enjoyable light hearted reading and I do love Phryne.  And now for something a little different Pavilion of Women ~ Pearl Buck .Pearl Buck - Facts


Anonymous said...

Well I have been looking to see if you were up to entertaining, for quite some time now birdy. Of course we are in touch regularly and your updates are good - but the humour shines on here. Lovely! How we both chuckled about the Specialist recognising the TLC from your good self! :-D Hexies are looking good and the reading leaves me speechless - wow. My poor little book has to hang around...... Take care birdy. xxx Jules xxx

Elaine Adair said...

I think of you and the Scot so often - wish you positive progress. (Doesn't that sound hoity-toity?) But you know what I mean. 8-)))

Vireya said...

Glad to hear things are picking up. I've been thinking of you, too.

You have got a lot of hexagons done! I find them a great thing to carry around with you. I've never used Windows 8, so you are ahead of me there. I enjoy Kerry Greenwood for nice low-stress reading, too.

retdairyqueen said...

Look after the both of you Think of you often said...

Good to see him home if a shade of his former self...the spark of the smile is still there.
Blessings to you both.

Anonymous said...

Missed seeing your posts and glad to know He's on the mend...Thank you for mentioning Kerry Greenwood...just started finding some of her works at the local library and having a good time reading them.
Joanne in Pennsylvania