Saturday, July 20, 2013


Its been a loooooooooong time since I had time to post, but I hate to miss the Scatterday so this week

brought to you by the letter

Ok I know a bit of cheating going on here.   But if you knew what had been happening in The Laird's Castle of late, I am sure you will forgive me.

This is how I find him in Ward 33N   then    34 N      then we even made the Infectious Disease Ward (no don't worry, not infectious, just the antibiotic given to cure the infection gave him another bug which they couldn't identify.  Then we even made it to 44N - no jokes about going up please.  lol  He usually was not in the mood for my cheerful self (?) and this is how I usually found him,
and then he would say ... do you mind if you go now....... gosh its so nice to be wanted.

I think we have had the Ambulance in the driveway at least 6 times..... I told him to ask next time if he could get Frequent Flyers and a Loyalty Bonus from the Emergency Dept.    But all joking aside we are very very lucky to be living so close to the Monash/Clayton Hospital and the Ambulance and medics everywhere have been terrific.

At the moment he is guess what ..................  

yes     ZZZZZZZZZZZZ ing

it has been like living on top of a volcano ready to erupt........... he thinks hes not ill ......  but have you got a Patient who is a Know All Control Freak.... who is wagging his finger at me giving instructions not to lock myself out, as he is wheeled away on the stretcher.

I have now worked out the solution.      The Silent Treatment and The Yogurt Treatment.

If he wont do as I tell him, this is to help him get better... I usually erupt and really growl at him... I know I feel a real mean so and so and then I go quiet and wont talk for the rest of the day.  (have never done this before) but wow it works next day we are very compliant.    Also he need fluids and if he wont drink enough... then he gets yogurt - which he HATES..... and only yogurt and if he wont eat it, he gets the same bowl at the next meal.    Surprising how quickly he can start to drink water etc.
  My oranisational and cooking skills are improving in leaps and bounds.
So that's all my woes........ apart from finishing up in the Emergency Dept for one day myself.......  my back, I couldn't move.     But insisted on coming home with pain killers, walker, crutches which I couldn't get my head around and a stool for the shower which is worth a million dollars as I can hold on and let the hot water run down my back.   But necessity insists and I am improving so much so that the Physio has said I wont have to go for more treatment at the Hospital.   We have so many appointments for The Scot it would be difficult to fit one it.

But you know ........... there is always someone in more need than oneself, as I found out yesterday... when waiting for the Taxi and he asked me to stand (and guard his taxi) he walked a lady who couldn't move and was in a sit on walker, the whole length of the shopping centre.    What a great guy.

Oh and it was our 48th Wedding Anniversay last Wednesday ........   as my cister says I did promise

four better            four worse

have I done my fours now.


Pauline Mitchell said...

You have made my day! You will have to frame that whizzzzz of a photo in an McC tartan and threaten to place it on his next hospital bedside table if he does not comply with she who must be obeyed! I hope your back is feeling much better. Brace yourself against a wall if you feel like a great belly laugh and switch on your core!!!

retdairyqueen said...

I have been wondering how things were with you guys
Take care Thinking of you Hugs

Anonymous said...

Love it dear cister! Your humour has increased and not been squashed by all these trials and tribulations! ( And you missed a few, I know there have been more!!!!) The picture is classic and fits so well with Z. And take heart that during the zzzzzz's you can watch sleeping beauty or go and play on the comp (back permitting) or sew. And I like the tip from Pauline - I might need that reading your blog... Jules xxxxx

Vireya said...

Perfect Z photo. Sorry to hear you've had so many ongoing issues! I hope you can put all this behind you soon. Love the yogurt treatment!

Elaine Adair said...

Oh my gosh Sheila - you've had your tribulations! I'm so sorry for this latest round - keep up your spunkiness, your positive spirits and sense of humor and, BOTH of YOU, get well sooooon!

jacaranda said...

Fantastic photo of DH. Hope he is on the mend but more worried about you. Look after yourself, I know what it's like to be the non-patient. Everyone asks after the patient but no-one asks after you. Don't lose your sense of humor in your writing, it is brilliant.

Lindi said...

LOL I do love how you can turn a stressful time into one of humour for us. But seriously, I do hope the Scot improves (the yoghurt will help hehe) and that you do too! Take care of that back. Hugs

Molly said...

Sorry to hear the Laird is so unwell and un-co-operative! What a time you've been having. A sense of humor is indeed the best weapon. Hope things improve soon for you both!

bombom said...

sorry to hear the Scot has been unwell Hops. Thinking of you both from the country estate, and sending a hug or two.
love B xx

cinzia said...

Look at it this way...he can only get happier. Take care

Sooziii said...

Take care - and eat your veggies!!!