Sunday, July 28, 2013

I am pleased to say The Scot is making long last he has (I think) realised that he is not going to bounce back into the sexy strong bloke  of nearly 30, that he was when we married
But he is realising that some days will be good and some days not so good.   He does listen to me a tad more, and is drinking fluids and eating much better and he actually put on 1/2 kilo last week..... which is good considering what he does weigh.

We visited the Haematologist on Wednesday and she told him, he was a complex  case, and really it was just that he had Bad Blood.... to which I instantly replied  oh couldn't you take some of my GOOD STRONG ENGLISH BLUE  BONE MARROW to replace his Bad Scottish stuff.   She just laughed and said she wished it was as easy as that.  (remember we really have the Scottish - Sassensenach Wars raging in this household.

But today was lovely.    Middle Son and the Chosen One  came to visit.   They has been out for the evening with teenage friends of Middle Son  (oh to have be a fly on the wall .... nar better be like what The Princess told me ..what Mum don't know Mum don't worry about lol.
They had a good time and spent the night in a hotel then this morning they visited and picked up our last lounge suite and rocking chair ..... Middle Son has  this great idea of a Games Room on his next house.    Not sure what the Chosen One thinks of it but we are two of a kind and understand these stubborn Scottish husbands of ours.

so the obligatory photo had to be taken


Vireya said...

Glad to hear you are having some lovely days amongst all the medical stuff!

Elaine Adair said...

Good news!!! slowly but surely ...!

Anonymous said...

And is The Chosen One wearing a pair of your hand knitted fingerless gloves? I know you were knitting some more for yourself - having given your new ones away to a nice elderly lady you met in the street who admired them. lol. I just love your generous and happy nature birdy despite all the set backs life throws you at the moment. Love to you both. Jules.x

Pauline Mitchell said...

Great to see The Scot is out of the four walls and wearing something other than a sheet or pjs. Hope you are feeling well, too. The mittens look warm.

Sarah said...

I'm glad things are going a little more smoothly. I am all too familiar with the caregiving thing and it is not easyg!