Saturday, June 22, 2013


again, and I thought I might have to dob out this week as once again it was into the Emergency Department with The Scot.

But that was last night, he called me an hour ago to say he was still in Emergency (although in a bed thank goodness) and numerous tests were being done.  Also said not to go visit as he wanted to sleep.    ummmm its nice to be needed isn't it lol.    But tomorrow there will be a list of things he needs.   ah well what did I promise 48 years ago..... for better or worse .... in sickness and in health. :)

Back to Scatterdays ...... I found this one quite easy as I had it all worked out the beginning of the week.

Proudly brought to you by the Letter

with the categories of





LIBRARY ..... we used to belong to two different libraries, so we could borrow more books.   But in later years this kinda dwindled out.

Until I found an Ipod and now I have BOOKS   BOOKS    BOOKS   and I can listen as I sew, listen as I tidy the sewing room (try to) or just sit and listen.    I do have ear phones but I must have funny ears as they keep falling out.  I did manage to find some sports ones which are great when walking.   But when I am in the room alone I have a real neat little speaker and it cost me the Grand Total of Nothing .... as I obtained it with my Flybys Award points.

the book I am currently reading is "And the Mountains Echoed" by Khaled Hosseini.    This is a very human kind of story, sad but it doesn't make me cry as it is sad as in the sad part of life.   Well worth reading.   I have read two of his other books  A Thousand Splendid Suns~Khaled Hosseini and The Kite Runner ~ Khaled Hosseini also books well worth reading.   I have a few blogging friends and it was Molly in the USA who first recommended Khaled.  I belong to and buy one book a month (sometimes more and they do have fantastic specials if you are a member).


I will leave this one to translate at will.   We bought these plaques for the Bathroom and also one for the toilet,  in the months we first moved into the house we still live in, and they are still on the doors.

EQUIPMENT...... now whilst loving my computer and all things IT.    I do find that the good ole fashioned way of BIRO and paper is still the best for filing and no loss on my part,  and I can doodle whilst holding on, etc.

And yes I do have multiple BIRO'S   by the phone on the desk and by the chair where I sit at nights.


now this is also an easy one for me ..... I go by the name of aubirdwoman

I seem to have acquired the name of birdie
But why did I choose that name.   Quite easy really.
I am married to a Scot, Scots are renowned for keeping an eye on their wallets, or to put it nicely being canny.   So they are cheep cheep.    Hence birdwoman.    I live in Australia or I am golden hence au
so aubirdwoman came into being many many moons ago and it has stuck.

Lets hope next time is as easy.    Thanks  Cinzia for such good fun, but she tells us we will be half way through next time, I do hope she comes up with something else.


Vireya said...

Sorry to hear that the Scott is back in hospital! I hope he will be back home soon.

Thanks for explaining your blog name!

Jenny said...

Ditto from me too, I did wonder at your choice of name.

Please tell your Scot that all the quilters in Aussie and New Zealand (that's a whole lot of us) are all hoping he will be home soon, ready to boss you around again.

Wendy said...

HA! I am married to a Scot too (hence the Kilted bit), he loves a bargain(ref the Kettle)- Great post

jacaranda said...

Take Care Scot, hope all is well. Love your B's. I love fountain pens, and it is sad that people do not write letters as much these days.

Anonymous said...

Well done again birdie. :-) Since I have just sent an email to you I will just do Battle with the words to leave comment lol. Can't read the first one but will try - just to prove that I am not a robot. xxx

Pauline Mitchell said...

Hi, Echoes for all of the above. I hope you can also reap some rest and rec while the Brave Heart is battling the nurses and doctors. I often wondered how you managed to read so many books as your 2013 list lengthens about 8x more quickly than mine. Thanks for the tip about the little speaker. I have enjoyed KH's books too and will try to get this newest one. Get well Scot and relax aubiwo!

cinzia said...

So the logic behind the name is revealed. Glad you're enjoying scatter days. I'm struggling to post each fortnight which is why I generally poach images from google.
Have had a few thoughts for life after scatterdays but....
Oh just thought look up zentangles...fantastic way of meditating and doodling. Some people use the. In their quilting but that would take away the enjoyment in my opinion

Lindi said...

Hope things re going well for you and the Scot, Sheila. Hugs xx