Friday, June 07, 2013


again.... my how the time flies when one is having fun!!!!!

I am sure you will all forgive me this week.   I enlisted the help of my dearest cister in England.   No photos from Jules, but some great suggestions.

Now brought to you by the letter

not nearly as difficult as the previous ones






As you well know I am married to a guy born in that northern part of England called SCOTLAND.   He hates that I say that.  You know   The Scots and The Sassenachs  and never the twain shall meet.

Being born in the Northern Part of that land in a small town called Montrose he is not one to show or express great affections openly.    So I show you a photo of our Wedding Day and there are zillions of x x x x x x x x x x x x (kisses) in it, although Hidden.


Now this was easy.   Born a Pom but now a legal Aussie for quite a number of years.  What sport do I watch CRICKET of course.    Especially when its playing for The Ashes.  Although I always follow The Australian Cricket Team.   and who do we have but one of my favourites

Xavier John Doherty

an Australian cricketer who plays Australian domestic cricket with the Tasmanian Tigers and for Australia. He is a left-handed batsman and a slow left arm orthodox bowler Born: November 22, 1982 (age 30), Scottsdale.

ALIVE   ah ah   I do love frogs so here we have The South African clawed frog Xenopus laevis which can regenerate the lens of its eye, a process that could one day be replicated in humans. Credit: Barbara Harmon.

Ok  I am not that clever.   I did have to use Google for this one.

This one was difficult ....I don't exactly do crosses in quilts as I don't like straight lines.
But I think this could be counted as one.

This is on The Christmas Quilt, one I made as a sample to be put in Anjiis Angles Book ~

To get it photographed for the book I needed to get it valued.   I was pleased to say it was valued at $400.
I really quilt for pleasure and giving, not for any monetary value.

With thanks to my cister and Google I have managed to get the post completed whilst The Scot is sleeping.  A little bit of me time.

Now off to put the washing out, and get the tea prepared.   Goodness me I have never been so organised in all of my life.


Vireya said...

Well done, Sheila! You have met the dreaded X challenge despite challenging circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Well done! Thank you for giving me credit for an idea but the use of that with your wedding picture is all your own work and works very well indeed. The parents of the cricketer were very clever to give him that name and as for the frog - inspired! The quilt with crosses is fantastic and serves as a reminder of all the love you put into your work. My love, Jules. xxx

singingquilter said...

I, too, found X to be less of a challenge than some of the others. Nice selection of Xs, you! The frog is excellent, especially with the added information about his regenerating lens.

cinzia said...

I wimped out on the x challenge and chose the name acrostic. Perhaps I should have tried it. You made it seem so easy. Well done and I'm glad to hear things are improving with the Scot. Must be the top nurse he has.

Sue said...

Love all your X's Sheila. Great info on the frog. Hope the Scot is drinking plenty of water.

Pauline Mitchell said...

AH....! Cricket n frogs! A great way to X ....xcellent choices! The Scot chose well! Keep on having. The Birdie- time each day.