Thursday, June 06, 2013


In one word actually IMPOSSIBLE.   Thats The Scot.      But I have managed with lots of wangles and telling every medical person we visit that he won't drink enough .... to get him to consume almost enough liquids.

Yesterday was a morning from Hell ..... in the end I just told him off using some quite bad words which I don't usually use and walking out of the room.      Well he ate his lunch, through which I was silent then I packed him off to bed and he actually had a good 2.1/2 hours sleep. 

Today he has been almost a different person, maybe, just maybe I have instilled in him the need to drink and take it easy.   But we did have a really good day.   Visit to the local Doc.  with good reports.    Then The Scot's Princess travelled all the way from Warracknabeal to see him.    At the moment she is asleep on the sofa under my favourite quilt as she wants to make an early start in the morning.

Middle Son arrived just after lunch and stayed for a short while.   He travelled all the way from Briagalong Vic. on his motor bike. 

photos of course

  The Princess is quite tiny with a beautiful smile but middle son is over 6ft and I told him he looks quite sexy and distinguished now that he is going grey.    Gosh how the years have flown.
Of course The Scot is very skinny but looks 100% better than two days ago.   And is eating and drinking more water.

Blood Test tomorrow .... so lets hope I have been feeding him the right foods.

Off to bed now.   Quite early for me.

Sewing ..... whats that.    :)


Lindi said...

Slowly but surely things move forward. Hope the bloods are good. :)The Scot looks very happy with his Princess and Middle Son being there. Smiles and laughter are good medicine. While you are taking care of the Scot, make sure you look after the Sassenach too! Hugs and love. x

Molly said...

Poor you---no time to sew1 Good you told him off. It's not like you're trying to torture him---it's for his own good! Men = Contrary. He does look very happy with his visitors....Sleep soundly Birdy.

Anonymous said...

Gosh - missed this! How LOVELY! Now those visits and both siblings together must have given you both a huge lift - delighted for you cister. And don't they all look great? I am tempted to say 'The three wise monkeys' See no evil, Hear no evil and Speak no evil. :-)

jacaranda said...

Fingers crossed for good blood results. What a lovely photo. You look after your self as well. My Dh's family is Scottish and they always say "The best thing about England, is the road that leads to Scotland"
Love your X's

Elaine Adair said...

Oh dang it with health issues! Yes, he sure is no fatty, is he? Haven't been reading blogs for such a long time. Here's wishing you good blood results, healthy vibes, and powers of concentration on YOUR part.