Saturday, June 15, 2013


No idle threats are made in this house - for example many moons ago when Middle Son was in his Terrible Teens he told me was going to buy a T shirt with a particular very rude four letter word on it.   I told him that if he did I would put it out with the garbage.
He bought it,  I put it out, and it took him 4 weeks to realise that it was missing.   And that is only one of the threats I made, and carried out.

But now I have a very sick and somewhat naughty spouse ..... who must drink a certain amount of water and wont, or I should say wouldn't.
Now he has also been told that yogurt is very good for him ..... now he hates this and will not eat it.     But I have managed to get him to take a little with some jelly.

But back to the threat .... it is now.....    if he doesn't drink the water he gets yogurt to eat, and if he doesn't eat the yogurt for that meal, it is served again next time.

Guess what, today he drank every last drop of the water allocated for him.    Nice work Nurse.

This is the patient who when woken in the morning, gets to sit with a cup of tea until he gets going.

There are quite a few tales I could tell about my life at present but you would find them boring and I am just being kept very busy as a full time Nurse

Sewing and reading are non existent, I just take half an hour to check emails and write the occasional blog post.   But things are settling down so this will improve quickly.

Its very difficult for a man who has been the provider and is a Control Freak who thinks only he can do a job correctly, to let me take over.   But I think he is realising that it will be a few weeks to get his strength back.   But maybe then I wont want to relinquish control     roflo.


Anonymous said...

This is a lovely humour filled blog birdy! Great to read. Now, you would not believe the problem I have been having in contacting you! So many changes and my own email addresses and passwords forgotten I cannot email you or access mail. I suddenly thought of this way! At less normal service will be resumed on Mon! In the meantime I will check via here! LOL. What AM I like?!!! Sorry cis, still thinking about you. Love and Hugs, Jules. xxx

Anna McCurdy said...

Happy Nursing Sheila-
Hope that your spouse is soon on the mend...
Warmest regards,

Lindi said...

Patience when being a patient is a hard thing to learn! lol I'm still learning and it's been 20 months now. :) Glad you have a handle on it, now, though...AND a sense of humour! Hugsxx

Pauline Mitchell said...

Hi, Birdie!
I'm pleased to hear things have settled a little and that the message is sinking in. Hard work! Hope you can get time to Scatter some bees this Scatterday. looking forward to your post.

cinzia said...

Impressive there getting the Scot to do as required. I think Paul would empathise with you. He finds it frustrating when his patient won't listen.... I don't like that medication ...oops just remembered I forgot my warfarin again tonight.

Brandy Shepherd @Online PhD in Psychology said...

I hope that your husband’s health improves. It is very hard for a prideful man who is used to being in control to hand over the reins. It looks like you are manning the ship just fine. Being a full time nurse is hard work.

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