Saturday, May 25, 2013


Whilst my mind is not entirely on anything and my nerves are ragged.    I thought that whilst I have my breakfast coffee I could put my mind to something ....

This week brought to you by the letter       M

For this I have to thank my dear cister(the c is for chosen) Jules in England.
Jules Paternal grandmother and my Father were siblings and my Father being the youngest of about 13, Ethel and Albert were very close.   Hence Jules Father and I were first cousins but due to the large number of siblings there was a huge age difference.  My 3 children and Jules are on the same generation level although Jules is a tad older than I.

Confused .....  good ..... because now you won't notice any spelling or such mistakes I make.

But I digress .......
Jules grandson (please don't ask me what relation to me) Matt is apprenticed in Formula MOTORSPORT Not only that but he is part of a team which includes the grandson, Sam Brabham who is third generation of drivers, starting with Australian, World class Driver, Sir Jack Branham and his son David Brabham.

This 6 degrees of separation seems to get smaller all the time.


on my one and only visit back to the land of my birth in 1993.   I am now a proud Aussie.  We made the visits to the rellies.   Guess where the Scot's lived.   
This is the MONUMENT placed on the border of our birth countries.

England was one side and Scotland the other.  (and never the twain shall meet.   Yes there is a lot of sassenach scot ribbing in our household.

This has to be MOGGIES of course.    I have adopted 3 during the years.    They were all left to me by my dear children lol.  At first The Scot said he hated cats but by the time we had to have the youngest put to sleep he really loved them. that is moggies put to sleep not children.

TIGER   the first one.  My daughter was at that difficult stage.   I either want a cat or NOTHING for my birthday.   Being just like her father she went with a friend of mine and adopted one, bringing it home, and Tiger stayes for 19 years.

LOUIE (the moggie on the right)  was left by Middle Son, much water under the bridge there.

and Twinsey the moggie on the left was the son of Louie.

They both lived for 20 years.  Twinsey being the devil of all three.   But I did love them.

MODERN QUILT   I don't exactly do modern but I have recently started Artist Trading Cards.

whoops its time for me to shower and go atttack the dreaded Lifts.


Christine said...

I also did motor sport and the coincidence is that Jack Brabham comes from Bathurst and started his motor racing at Mount Panorama.I also have a cister (I am closer to her than my 2 sisters) and my GM was English although on my fathers side we came to Aust. in 1790 as free settlers from Glascow

Jenny said...

Those were three well loved moggies indeed, I guess.

Great foreign photo! I have both Scots and English blood in my veins, I would need a photo of both sides, no doubt.

Pauline Mitchell said...

Hope all's better this week.
Loved the photos.... The 6 degrees is a hoot and I'm a great believer in it. At first glance, I thought some Scots mason had smoothed the left hand side of the border stone!
If the cats live so long chez vous, the humans must be crazy to leave home! You could make your cards into a modern quilt!

Vireya said...

Love the monument! I also would have to stand a bit on each side.

Is it unusual for cats to live to that age? I haven't had much luck with cats. Fortunately my dogs are doing well.

Hope the Scot comes home soon and you can avoid those lifts!

jacaranda said...

Great photos. We are off to Scotland at the end of the year. Looking forward to hearing how they say our surname, Strachan. Love your ATC's.

Anonymous said...

Just lost my comment! Strange verification word this time - grandson! How spooky is that!?
Matt is coming round later for a Mop trim ( Mass of curls!) I will show him your blog. Love the Moggies!
Christine's comment is interesting - another co-incidence showing how small the world really is.
Love and hugs from your cis in your Mother-country. xxxx

cinzia said...

Pretty good effort, especially with the stress you are under at present.
My niece's husband also works on the formula racing team..small world