Friday, May 10, 2013


SCATTERDAYS is brought to you by the Letter


This week I am early but must admit to a little cheating.    Thank you Google and old photographs.

how is your colourVISION.  This is very interesting, especially for quilters.   Go to  and take the test.


I have always loved these.  Unfortunately I thought the package said a Cockerel, which I think looks the best, but it turned out to be a pig.   But then in our house Pigs do Fly.

WEATHER  in VICTORIA  can consisted of all the following in the one day.

Its fleecy jumpers in the morning, tshirts in the afternoon and by evening the heater gets switched on.   This time of year is especially known for colds.


The photograph I used last time could have been classed as my VIBRANT quilt.   But that would be cheating, and I have done enough of that this time.   So I searched the little grey cells and the quilt chests but this one was sitting on The Scot's chair as it is already in use this Winter.

Approx 5 years ago The Scot had a year of chemo and radiation and many blogging and quilting friends sent a block for me to make a cuddle quilt for him.    Blocks are from New Zealand, Australia and as far away as the USA.  This turned out to be very warm and VIBRANT quilt.  It is much loved and very well used having been washed quite a number of times.

Next Scatterdays, kindly (?) thought up by Cinzia is

the letter M
with catergories of
foreign animal
and a modern quilt.  

You can read what gems she has to tell and also see the links to other Scatterdayers.


Vireya said...

Excellent selection! It only occurred to me when I read yours that I could have used our weather vane as the photo for weather. Too late now! I like the magpies keeping an eye on your flying pig.
I've done the colour test before but I might have to try it again in the morning to see if I still get the same result.
The vibrant quilt is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

From Jules. Great posting birdie and I love your ideas. The quilt is beautifully vibrant and I remember you saying the nurses in the hospital asked a lot about The Scot's harem with all those women sending lovely material. lol!x

jacaranda said...

Fantastic ideas, I love the flying pig, and yes, sometimes pigs do fly in our household also. Beautiful vibrant quilt.

Jenny said...

Great Vs indeed. I'm a pig lover so I just love your flying pig weather vane! And the chemo quilt shows just how kind quilters can be to each other when we are going through a bad patch. I have lots of lovely heart blocks from my own experience of this illness, must really get on and finish the quilt.

Pauline Mitchell said...

A lot of laughs V-here, Birdie! I thought my tonal vision was very good but I nearly went bug eyed! Scored 16. the wind vane is superb...I love a house where the inhabitants just make things happen! I often wonder how those hug quilts turn out and can see how special it is for you and the Scot. I'm pleased a Victorian wrote that about Victorian weather! I'll have to send the step family the diagram!

singingquilter said...

Interesting you used weather vane too, but for the pointy bit, not the weather bit! Loved the flying pig!

Joy V said...

Fabulous selection. I also love your 'flying pig'. For the time being I've pulled out of Scatterdays as time is not permitting me to join in. Will rejoin back in when time is more manageable.

Ozjane said...

great collection

cinzia said...

Love ze vibrant quilt end vould av tried ze colour test but it doz not like ze iPad eiza
Btw printing on freezer paper I gravel at your feet for sharing such a fantastic hint.

Maria said...

Lots of petal ready to make flowers for your pretty garden.

Anonymous said...

Hi birdie - sorry to attempt comment here on earlier post but it is all I can find! With Jo at the mo and have forgotten all passwords! Back with you on Tuesday!

Love and hugs,