Wednesday, May 01, 2013


yes I am excited as I have actually finished the first block of the new BOM.   The one with all the evidence in the corner of the room.  I was disappointed as I didn't finish it by the last day of the month tho.

I am very pleased with it, I increased the size and READ THE INSTRUCTIONS.

Pink is not a favourite colour of mine but I am doing it in 1930's fabrics as they have some tiny prints and the pink will meld well.

I have named it Perseverance (see previous post) but it is aka The Rice Pickers.

Now onto the 2nd block and I do hope it will get sewn faster but I bet it is not easier.  Thanks Cinzia for this beautiful sewing experience.


Anonymous said...

Very pretty birdy. The colours work well together and the shapes are good. Jules xxxx

Pauline said...

Your fabrics are well chosen and your patchwork is accurate. How do your hands cope with such fine work. I've had R & R imposed as the old elbow and hand are complaining. Looking forward to seeing the next.

Lindi said...

Your block looks lovely, Sheila. The colours work well, too.