Wednesday, May 08, 2013


I have been rather spasmodic with my 'hexie flower' postings. 

But I now have 5 more to show.

But this past week has been ideal for hexie flowers.  I find them very relaxing and of course I have been listening to my books.   I have nearly finished The Beekeeper's Apprentice, a very different take on Sherlock Holmes, and I am really enjoying it.

Now I have just written an Epistle, but decided it was too much information lol.   So to cut the story short.    

Yesterday morning the phone was dead (and I needed it).  Managed to use my cell phone, which I hate and only use for emergencies.
The phone was still dead at 4 pm.   So I found my account on the Internet, it was all paid up and I could find nothing wrong .......   but I did find  Live Chat ..... so decided to give it a go.     Well the girl was most helpful and we tried a few things, then she said she had to put me through to the Engineer Technician.   But before she let me go she would ring me.... durrrr phone dead???       But only a minor lapse we decided she could ring me on my cell phone.     What a headache.      She tried 5 times and my phone just wouldn't accept calls ..... light globe moment ..... with the Sim card I have I have to have Call Diverts (tho goodness knows what that is)  but I told her and we then manage to speak.
Now the Technician was a lovely most helpful girl but she had an accent and unfortunately I had to get her to repeat things.
If you have a Technician make a house call for a fault they charge you.     But if it is on the line outside they do not.      So she had me do various tests and then she tried to ring the land line.    

Result ......    it is a fault on the outside line (so no cost) and they will direct any calls made to my cell phone, free of charge, until the fault is fixed.  Does that mean I may learn to use the cell phone at last?

Now apart from the language accent, which can't be helped I call that excellent service.   Well done

Which now brings me to the rain.       Now no-one will believe me, but whenever we have a lot of rain the land line plays up.   When we were on dial up Internet I lost the Internet.
They still don't believe me
but we had a severe rain storm the night before last.  
Go figure that out.


Karen said...

Hello Sheila, beautiful flowers! Interesting story about your phone. My parents had a problem with their phone and rain, and for a couple of years the phone company kept telling them nothing was wrong on the outside. Then one day a new employee to the phone company came, had a look up the pole and said the problem was a very old wire that should have been changed years ago. He changed it and problem solved.

Pauline Mitchell said...

Hi Birdie!
I'd say you now have a bunch of hexies..hexaneas? They are very cute.

Maria said...

What a beautiful bunch of flowers you have stitched this week.

Trillian said...

Love your flowers. Nice idea to mix the colors of the "leaves".

Anonymous said...

Hi Sheila,love your hexagons. My unfinished hexagons (only about 35 years old) - my first stumbling effort at a quilt way back when - is sitting in a bag somewhere in a box. One day I will either finish it or give in and toss it!
Your experience with rain and the landline is actually quite common. It's simply that many of the old copper landlines in Australia are reaching the end of their useful life and fail once water gets in.

My Sister Made Me Do It.... said...

Lovely flowers and I believe you about the can cause all kinds of problems with phones.....

Lindi said...

No phone line after rain is NOT as silly as it sounds. We had the same problem several years ago, every time we had heavy rain or a solid week of rain. Every time, we had to ring Telstra and it was always on their line. They reckoned it was not due to the rain, but one time, we spoke to a technician about it and he said the main cables needed replacing and the water was probably getting in them once the ground became waterlogged.

Hilachas said...

Pretty flowers. I love the color combinations. We used to have the same problem with our phone when it rained and no one believed me either. Good luck on that.

Anonymous said...

Rain and power connections, you are so right! We notice a problem too at times when there is a lot of rain and wild weather. Modern technicians think a system is faultless but rather like when a child is sick, mother often knows best! Lol. Also your nature is to learn or see the positive aspect of hiccups in life. That is great, something good from something blocking your preferred method of phoning - using your cell phone. Still a pain though, hope all up and running again now :-)
Your flowers are very pretty birdie. xxx

Helen Marasco said...

Lovely bunch of hexies, well done !!!!!!