Saturday, May 04, 2013


I think a couple of year ago I made the resolution.... No More New Projects.  But The Scot says I am not a woman of my word hahahah,      I think I have started at least half a dozen projects in the last year or so.

I must tidy and sort and I WILL NOT START ANOTHER PROJECT unless I just simply can't help myself.

The Raconteur BOM has at last sorted itself out in my brain,  and I have scaled the size up a tad, well a bit more than a tad, to accommodate my fat stiff ole fingers.   But ..... I have decided to make it in different fabrics it is Mother's Day downunder, tomorrow, the kids all live too far away for a visit, but they do phone, and I don't usually receive presents, I conned The Scot into giving me some money.    This I have put toward fabric.  ok ok ok  I know I don't really need any more.   But did I have the right colours?   So going to my favourite online store equilter    I have ordered these

 now I anxiously waylay Postie every day to see whether he has a parcel for me.

Another Senior Moment ..... as   Vireya  wrote to me and said MD is not until next week.   ah well the package might arrive in time.


Vireya said...

I think you've got another week to wait until Mothers Day - but if you are lucky your parcel might get here in time for it!

Lindi said...

Totally, totally understand the need for those luscious fabrics! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Zinging,sizzling hot! Going to look really good - nice to look forward to doing I bet. Happy Mother's Day to you - enjoy. Jules. x