Sunday, April 21, 2013


The weather has decided enough of the hot sticky days lets have some cold windy wet ones.

For those of my readers in the Northern Hemisphere, I know you are laughing at me.    But it is
c o l d   down here.  Most morning when I go out to feed the goldfish (I do feel like boiling a kettle of water and adding it to their pond) the temperature on the patio is usual around 10 to 12 degrees.   Way too cold.  And the nights are freezing, well that's my definition anyway.

So Saturday was spent

changing the quilt on the bed for the warmer one, and hanging the winter quilt on the wall.

There is of course another quilt in the cedar box at the foot of the bed, should it get colder.   And the Basket Quilt resides during the day ,at night it is on my side of the bed as my knees ache if cold.   Gosh gone are the days of no bedcovers, or on and off.   No more temperature surges thank goodness.

Then onto the hallway, this is the quilt that is opposite the front door.   This was made in 2001 to celebrate the Centenary of the Federation of Australia.   Read more about the Federation of Aus here

You will note there is no Northern Territory borderline, this wasn't declared until 1911 when the NT was transferred from South Australia.

How did the quilt come about.  I belong to an Online Quilting Group and one of the Inspirational Girls Vicki organised a swap.  We sent 100 squares, I think they were 6inches from memory, in colours we felt represented Australia and she and her mother swapped them all around so that each of us who participated received 100 different squares in return.   
This is the quilt I made with the black outline of Australia/Tasmania and I decided in keeping with the Federation of 1901, there would not be a separate Northern Territory, hence the omission of the line.  
A great talking piece, and also a great way to remember the girls.  
The fabric I sent was the green fern in my border.  Where I quilted stars to represent the stars on the flag of Australia.

The other quilt changed is the one hanging on the right side as you enter.   This can be seen from the living room, so I usually try to make this a nice one.

This quilt is made from wool and I really love it, fun and nice to stitch and quilt and it really looks great.  Even tho, as you can see it was wrought in 2006 but the colours are still very bright and, even if I say so myself, it looks great hanging there.

And to relax at night I have been making some new fingerless gloves.  I have tried a couple of patterns but I really like this one as it fits snug to the hand.  And once worn, my hands would definitely not be without them in the winter months.

I want to try and make a hat incorporating the same moss stitch.  

Whilst I have been so industrious, the Scot has been hard at it .......  

his usual hobby, and I am runing and ducking for cover before he sees this.


Molly said...

Wow Birdy---Looks like a quilter lives at your house! They are all beautiful but I love, love, love the wool one!

You might like a book I recently finished---written by a dog! The Art of Racing in the Rain...

Anonymous said...

Awwww... What a LOVELY post n your blog cis. The bedroom colours are 1st class! You know my tastes! The wool quilt is fantastic and has so much to look at. ALL your quilts are great and you look very cosy.
The fingerless gloves are lovely! What a pretty pattern!
And for the record - I have had it confirmed that it can be VERY chilly at night. Please don't treat those little fishes to more than food.... lol. xxxxJules.xxxx