Sunday, April 28, 2013


I make no apology for being late (its all Cinzia's fault, why
oh why did I commit myself to making her Raconteur Quilt BOM) 

But today is brought to you by the letter

and the categories





SKY .....     now this was a difficult one.    So trying to think outside the square.  I present

the story of Ann LINDBERG.  A woman of the sky in her own right.

The only thing I knew about Charles LINDBERG was that he made a daring solo flight from New York to Paris in a plane called Spirit of St.Louis.  I knew nothing of his life, even that he had a wife.  But this read proved very very riveting, and to quote the Authors note at the end ....

"Judge a good book by the research you do after reading".
I now know a lot more about Charles and Anne Morrow LINDBERG, and I have on my Waiting to Read List..Biographer A.Scot Berg's book.

PURPLE .....     one of my favourite colours is purple.   This is a cuddle quilt I made for Middle Son's Wife.

CITY.....     being a pommie born Aussie I guess my choice of city should be London.    But no I have chosen  LUXEMBURG.

No actual photo.   But when I was a kid and growing up in Northampton, I had to share a bedroom with my sister.   She was 9 years older than I, hence makeup boys, teenage thing long before I was.  But I remember vividly when she started working, she bought herself a small (well smallish for the 1950's)  radio and she would list to this strange (to me) music at night.  Not being into pop music then or now particuarly,  I had to swear on my heart not to tell the Parents.   I think she may have bribed me as well.   Maybe that was why she gave me one shilling pocket money each week.  To make sure I kept quiet.  I don't think the Parents ever found out.

and last but by no means least


This is a cuddle LAP quilt made with LOVE

for my dear cister in England.   No I haven't spelt it wrong but she is not a blood sister but a cousin and CHOSEN sister.   The only contact I now have with the Land of my Birth.

This was made a few years ago.

so this year I thought she needed a new one and using fabrics from my "Holy Stash" I made this one for her birthday.

and for next time The Terrible Cinzia has chosen

The letter   V

and to see what the other Scatterdayers have found go to

6 comments: said...

love the lap quilts

jacaranda said...

Loved your L's. Lindenberg, that was a good one, well done. I am not a purple person, but do enjoy others work in using the colour.

Jenny said...

Love to read your stories connected with the chosen words, nice writing. Doesn't your chosen cister look cosy in her quilt. What does she think of the new one, I wonder?

Pauline said...

All interesting ELLES, Birdie! Your quilts are lovely and well used. The fil looks very interesting. They say behind every successful man stands a strong woman!
What a nostalgic memory of Radio Luxembourg! Earning some pocket money for silence was worthwhile.
Looking forward to your Vs!
No Scot Ls?

Vireya said...

Nice "L" collection, with a couple of very original picks!

Anonymous said...

What can I possibly add to all that apart from BRAVO!
And also to reveal that the LUCKY Lady ( Note smaller case for lady, because I am certainly not a lady!)who is tucked up under that quilt, which I truly cherish! So many things to remind me of childhood within those stich panels.
As for the latest cuddle quilt which birdy spoilt me rotten with on my birthday - what do I think?? Well, I was overwhelmed! It is even more beautiful to see and use (each day) - the colours are lovely, the material fantastic and in use..... how lucky am I?
Thank you wonder cis, for your kindness and sharing not only these quilts but your LOVE.xxxxxx