Thursday, April 04, 2013


I really do not need another new project to fill in the Winter months.  But the very talented Cinzia, the same lady who keeps the little grey cells operational, has offered a free BOM (block of the month).  So of course I thought this a very good idea.   Although I may be having second thoughts now.

The BOM is blocks from her prize winning Raconteur Quilt, do visit her website

This is the quilt    

and these are the fabrics I am using. 

okay okay I know I have plenty of stash to choose from but .................... I wanted them to blend well and I do have to spend my pocket money on something, apart from audio books.

So watch this space and I hope to be able to post the first block very shortly.


Anonymous said...

You leave me speechless! Such beautiful work and I have come on here to view a previous project....

Wow! Birdy I will mail you.... You know why!
<3 <3 and (((( ))))s,

pegsplace said...

Oh Sheila, you are "terrible"...I say that in the nicest of ways...I so want to do these hexagons! Oh my goodness! I even like the material you have chosen. I think that I am going to follow you! Oh my, oh my ;). I love your letters of the weeks. I learn so much about you!

cinzia said...

Can't wait to see how it looks in your fabrics. So have you finished the first block yet:)