Monday, April 29, 2013


I think one starts to feel one's age when the fingers just won't do what they used to.
My patchwork skills were learnt from an excellent teacher.   She was a perfectionist herself, but encouraged us to leave in any stitching we could live with ....  perfect or not.   Mine usually not so.   But I always tried my best and there have been multitudes of times when I just couldn't live with it.   So rabbiting was always done.     The Scot would laugh at me (he is a Perfectionist) and say that he didn't know how I had the patience to stitch   -  unpick   -  stitch so many times.

But I think I have found my nemesis (hope you like the big word, and please let it be used correctly)

Cinzia and her Raconteur BOM.   see side column.    I joined this as I love hexagons and stitching by hand (usually in the evenings)  Her quilt looks gorgeous.    But did I realise how small the blocks were .....

Ok lets give it a go says I ..... surely I can do it.    3 attempts and they all finished being thrown across the room.   ok lets try a different method more action in the corner of the room, one more try same result.
So I write to dear Cinzia asking if I can still belong and make the blocks larger.  Now she was more than helpful offering many suggestions at increasing size.   The Scot, under pressure, will draw up designs for me in Autocad,  remember he was an Engineer.   Now this was great but I didn't think he was going to be pressured everytime for a block.    There are a lot of blocks.   So I tried enlarging on the printer.   My printer must be set very well, because it scaled the size exact.

Problem ........     I could only get so much of the design on the page.    Back to my drawing board.  In the olden days before the computer I could draw up my own templates.   But age has taken over and I find my lack of maths and patience waning.  So back to the computer and I printed at scale 160%,   Which proved 5 inches across the flats.

A couple more piles in the corner.   And I was about to give up.    When I read the Instructions ........ Cinzia says to trace the templates onto freezer paper and iron these to the fabric then trace around the freezer paper template. 

and so

Cinzia called hers The Rice Pickers.    But mine is called Perseverance.   So watch this space tomorrow for the finished hexagon.  And this was the easy one, but now I know how it will be a breeze.... hahahaha

I also made my ACT's for the swap KITES.  I forgot to take a photo so I made another for myself to show you.

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Anonymous said...

What patience you have! Hats off birdy! Admittedly I did have a chuckle about reading the instructions after all those earlier attempts...
I did something similar with filling in a form recently - oh the frustration that brought!!!
But back to your work. Look forward to seeing that hexi. The card is really cute. I like the use of different mediums- buttons etc. The whole is very effective. Jules x