Sunday, April 14, 2013


A tad late and a little cheating I fear.  Gosh these letters are getter more and more difficult.  I always say right, I'll start thinking about about the next one now.    But this time ........

After all, tomorrow is another day" ...
Fiddle-dee-dee ..
God's Nightgown ......
yes I have just enjoyed  approx 46 hours of Kindle listening to   Gone with The Wind and I did found it difficult to put down.  But now I will leave Scarlet O'Hara and move onto Christopher Tietjens  and Parades End.

Excuses made: this weeks Scatterdays is presented by the letter   
 with the categories of





so apologies for a little cheating


ALBERT's HOUSE .... my father's house in England and where I was born.  My father came from a family of 13 siblings and we were rather poor.   Bur Father always insisted he bought his own house, no hire purchase.   I think he would have fainted at the thought of a credit card.  I was lucky enough to have a journey back to my land of birth in 1994 and the house is still standing, looking grande, and the kind lady who owned it allowed us to look thought it, and especially to walk into the back yard.  Incidentally the words 'In Here'   indicate where I was born.


A FRIENDLY BIRD, sorry but I just couldn't find a photo of any A bird.  These are 2 of my family of 3 who frequent our patio and if the water gets low in the bird bath, they sit on the fence making quite a noise to let us know they need more water.


ANTIQUE LAMP.  This doesn't work and was purchase on one of my many visits to the Auction House which used to be a great passion until The Scot insisted I had too much junk around the home.   Unfortunately I couldn't find anything beginning with the letter A



Now this one was easy.  I am NOT an Artist but I have taken a liking to making Artist Trading Cards and I belong to an Online Group based in The States.  These are some of the cards I have received in swaps. 

Now to start thinking about the next selection which is

The letter L and the categories are

 and a lap quilt
and to see what other Scatterdayers have done visit

but I won't think about that now .... tomorrow is another day.


Vireya said...

I think you did a great job with very challenging letter/category combos.

How lovely that the owner of Albert's house let you have a look around.

Your birds are just right, actually, because to the rest of the world they are called "Australian Magpies"!

Pauline said...

For a hard topic yours are spot on and entertaining. Are't birds amazing how they get their way.... Actually my dogs have always done thAt too! The visit to Albert's was a valuable experience. My Mum still lives in the house where I went home after my birth in hospital. She has been there 61 years and almost 5 months. I'm just 61! It's a great connection. How is your raconteur going?

jacaranda said...

Great ideas. I am into ATC's as well, perhaps we could do a swap. Love Albert's Home, how kind of the owner to show you through. Look forward to your next Scatterdays Post.

Anonymous said...

Great to see the picture of you visiting the old country estate again birdy! It was lovely of the now owner to allow you round. The magpies are certainly a bird or two and the lamp very old, plus the art work in the house! Job done :-) xxxx

cinzia said...

I used to own an antique lamp just like your went to Vinnies in one of our clean ups so now I know where it resurfaced:)