Sunday, March 24, 2013


Machine sewing, hand sewing and of course reading, or rather listening.

At last the weather has made life easy, so into the sewing room and I managed to finish my cuddle quilt that I have been promising myself for a few months.

It looks simple but I think it looks stunning.   And it seemed to take ages to hand stitch the binding.   Which I did mitre corners on, and every one turned out great.

Whilst machine sewing I listened to Three Brides, No Groom~Debbie Macomber on the Ipod shuffle (earphones needed).   A great light hearted read which didn't finish as I expected.

Then whilst snipping the quilt and sewing the binding I have started Gone with the Wind.   No I never saw the movie (before my time I keep telling The Scot) and I never read the book.  This is on the Kindle, it came down in 6 Parts.   wow quite a bit of listening there.   But I am loving every minute of it and must admit I sit and stitch just to listen to what comes next.  Forgot the photo of the hand sewing but will post that tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

That cuddle quilt is so lovely birdy. I think the colours just blend beautifully. Very well done! Now I quite like mitred corners and even doing them! Button holes too! Yet I don't like sewing! Strange isn't it? Glad the weather is better. BITTERLY cold here, plenty of snow still about and more forecast... brrr British Summertime this weekend!!!

Metal grommets said...

:) Thank you for posting this, I love your cuddle quilt so much.