Saturday, March 02, 2013


and I nearly forgot......but this week brought to you by the letter

supported by Money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$



and Inchies from my Sewing Room

ok.    as one earwig said to the other .....................

herewego..... if sneaky Cinzia gives us a hard time then soc it to um.....

Tools ..... Some of my fortune, haha no handouts given, but it will probably see me through until I can no longer see to buy fabric.  an Internet Icon Tool to my savings with ING.   

sorry I did cheat and did a screen shot, as the camera shot was a little fussy.


My gold INGOT ...The Scot doesn't buy me many, read almost none, presents.   But in 1980 he surprised me with this, he knew I wanted one and I have worn it ever since.    Probably not worth very much today but priceless to me.

Inchies from my sewing room.

Well the inch system (or Imperial) is priceless to me.  As this metric business just fries my brain.   So all of my tape measures, rulers etc.  have both Inch and Metric on them.   This is a tape that is fastened to my cutting table two more priceless objects.

And next time we have the Dreadful letter D

something humorous
and a quilty display


Pauline said...

That reminds me that the little Horn ruler is floating around the sewing room. Thanks for the tip about the tape measure on the sewing table.....why didn't Horn do that????? The price of gold is going well so I think the Scot is ahead on that one, Birdie. Enjoy D, dream in D and wake up laughing!

jacaranda said...

Great "I's". I never thought of rulers in inches, duhhh!!!. Is the gold ingot heavy around the neck?

Vireya said...

I'm glad you remembered! These I's were very tricky to find, weren't they? Combining two in one was smart.

Sounds like centimetres do to your head what inches do to mine. My head just can't do fractions.

Jenny said...

What a lovely gift your gold ingot is, and you would probably be surprised how much it is worth these days, gold jewellery is priced by weight and the price of gold seems to be going up and up.

Anonymous said...

Very good birdy! And I too think your ingot is very precious in more ways than one. <3 Jules.

Joy V said...

What a priceless gift - I also would like to know if it is heavy to wear. Love your 'I's.

Liz Needle said...

The Scot sounds a little like my husband - and mine gave me a gold ingot too, but not anywhere near as big as yours.

Sue said...

It's strange but I quilt in imperial and use metric for everything else. Clever doing 2-in-1 for the tools and money.

Ozjane said...

well have reminded me of Mum's tape measure applied to a flat piece of doweling which is darn useful.
Would have done me for inchies had I not found a quilt photo that I did actually make. I never cease to amaze me!!!! LOL

cinzia said...

I love your gold ignot.. and I also think your fortune is probably worth more than my day though..when Eddie comes through