Saturday, March 16, 2013


I am thinking up the most devious thing I can for that there Zinzia. I thought after the first week phew thats the difficult one done
But you must go to her blog to read what gems she is presenting us with this week.

  oh us of little imagination lol.

May I present my Scatterdays for the letter ..........................................

Something Humorous ......    Disappearing .....

the kids and I thought this was most hilarious, the Scot did not.     He had just joined The Camera Club.   And for a control freak, perfectionist that was something we kinda got fed up with.   He would pose us, take readings etc etc get the angle right.   By this time we were all getting a bit twitchy.   So on this occasion I had this bright idea, he had found these concrete blocks and sat us all, changing around as we knew he would then he had to set the timer, so I told the kids when I say now, we all slip off.   This worked perfect as you can see in the first photo.    But we are a nice family and insisted he take another.

Feet ..... Dimensions

When working out the dimensions of things ..... I still have to use the old Imperial Measurements good ole FEET and inches.

Furniture ..... Double Bed

The one and only bed in our empty nest now.    But I do manage to clear the sewing room and we have a thick blow up mattress for when any of the kids visit.  Which unfortunately is not often enough.

Quilty Display ...... DesignBoard

When making a new quilt.   I find it most  valuable to use my DESIGN Board, which is a plastic tablecloth with the fleecy backing attached to my wall.

and so to next week, which I think will be a breeze. 
To quote The Dastardly Damsel who Demands Dialogue to her choosing...........

I know everyone is going to love this week's star, the letter S with supporting roles held by a female devouring ice cream due to her empty stash ( that's two categories empty and stash),


cinzia said...

loved your dimensions and disappearing..aren't you enjoying the fortnightly challenges..well a lot more than you would be enjoying weekly challenges at least:)

Joy V said...

Love your little story and what a great idea to get the family to do.

ozjane said...

well could I have forgotten ft the measurement.
I sort of know that a 12" ruler is 30cm but still think more in ft and inches.
By the way the toe is not actually sore....he just bruised the nail with the drill thing he uses.
And that reminds me of a recent lost tooth where the Dentist mentioned a SAW! it turned out to be more like a file.
Love that Dresden quilt.

Jenny said...

Great post, especially your funny story about the Scot! Well done.

Vireya said...

Love the disappearing family! And I do like to see quilts on beds.

jacaranda said...

Very clever D's. Love the photos of the disappearing family. It's great when you can spend time altogether and have a good laugh. Looking forward to your S.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Forgot to check your blog before but lovely to read birdy. Well done. Jules x

June said...

I don't think I have ever seen that basket quilt pattern anywhere before! What is it called? I love it!!