Thursday, March 14, 2013


At least my hexie flowers are not wilting.  Although for the past week I and many Australians may have been.   The temperatures have been in the high 30's every day.

The hot weather was too much for quilting or such but hand sewing seemed to come into its own.

So this week I can actually show 9 flowers towards my bed quilt.    Still quite a few to go but I am thinking of drawing up a design.  As usual The Scot says ....   how many more with a chuckle in his voice.

This didn't leave very much energy but at least I managed to read (woops listen to)  a few great books.  see side column under Kindle and Shuffle Reading        and    2013 Bookshelf.

And the sewing room ..... well lets say I can see where I am walking now without treading on anything.

and I found these plastic storage boxes which I think much improve the appearance.

Still need to get around to these shelves yet.

Whilst this is not a good camera photo it does show how much the birds approve of my keeping their birdbath full.     They usually come first thing in the morning then lunchtime and again around 5 pm.  They shout and call their appreciation.   there appears to be a family.    Mum   Dad   and baby.     Baby always seems to be the last one patiently sitting on the patio until mum or dad hops onto the fence to dry off.

Oh... and I have given The Scot an early birthday present.   An Ipod for his music and hopefully to encourage him to start listening to books.   In his working days he was an avid reader and we would always be at The Library.   Actually we joined 3 so that we could have a better choice of books.    But to get back to the Ipod.    It is sort of a used one ......well it was mine actually.   The one I purchased out of my birthday and Christmas money.    I really have tried but it has just got the better of me.    What with Itunes, Apple and the battery that kept needing re charging I felt it more sane to go back to my beloved Kindle (which I was still using of course) and the Ipod Shuffle which I can use Itunes on and neither of these use the battery so fast that they need recharging almost every other day.   So I do wish Kindle would make a smaller version for walking then I would be truly happy.


Hilachas said...

Beautiful flowers! That quilt is going to be lovely. I, too, love all my techy gadgets except I have a NOOK instead of a Kindle. I listen to my ipad audio books while I sew. Thanks for sharing your flowers.

Helen Marasco said...

They are all gorgeous your garden is growing beautifully. Love all the gadgets :-)))))

Anonymous said...

Lovely hexies and very nice pictures birdy. The 'sewing' wallhanging quilt seen in picture 5 I think, is most attractive and very suitable for the wall in your sewing room Love it!
Hope your weather soon becomes lovely, sitting outside sewing days - listening of course to not only books but birdsong. xxx Jules.

cinzia said...

Gorgeous hexagon flowers and I dream of a sewing room as tidy as yours.. and it will still be a dream for at least another week or two.

Karen said...

Beautiful flowers. I like the two different colour petals for each flower, very nice idea. Your sewing room looks wonderful, nice and bright. Love the birds in the bath.