Friday, March 01, 2013

NICE THINGS ~ nice people

Its really does the heart good when some nice things arrive (or happen) out of the blue.

This came in an email from my cister(OK I can spell but this is a cousin and we are now chosen sisters) in England

we email regularly but she occasionally sends me the little gems like the ones above.   Thanks Jules.

And time does make one wiser .... or is it more tolerable.    But this came from The Scot's Princess.  Or the younger of my offspring.    She and her brothers have taught me many things over the years.  One of which came from the middle son ....... why can't mum be happy for us our way and not hers.  I have had to change my blueprint many times over their teenage and young adult years, but I am convinced they are all happy now (their way not mine, but I am coming round to it)
Don't you think her smile and happiness come from within and not just a smile for the camera type.

Middle Son is the image of the Father, although neither will admit to it.

the two younger ones have their fathers genes ...... they love the country and are horrified at the thought of living in the city or suburbs.   Whereas I think I would be quite scared living in the bush.  Even tho I am not a Social Butterfly I do like to know what is around me.

 No 1 son is the traveller and the Financier, seems to have mainly his fathers ways but a little of mine. 

But I think they are all braver than I could every be.  And although I had to change (and am continually changing The Blue Print) I are exceedingly proud and happy.

But can someone tell me where all those years have gone.

 and the red hair ???????????

Now that you have shared my nostalgia I will put the tissues away and after the dishes and washing have finished calling my name, I will continue will my sewing room ......   great improvements so watch this space.


Anonymous said...

Aw... birdy. You know you belong to a worldwide club of parents and parenting. What you have given the world is part of yourself and there can be no greater gift. Good, upright, confident adults taking and sharing the lessons you taught them. Be true to yourself - yes? And by gum, doesn't that lass shine happiness? They are all great, birdy and happy on their chosen routes. Rejoice! :-)<3 Jules xxx

Molly said...

They all look so happy and confident---love that smile on your daughter!

Ya done good, as they say over here!