Friday, March 29, 2013


what interesting tales these bricks would have to tell.

we moved into our 1st house, and  we are still here.   I have the funny superstition that some Houses are lucky and some are not, depending on the earth they are built upon.   I consider this to be a very lucky house.

The Scot and I arrived in Australia January 1966.  Six months married with 2 suitcases, about £400UK which would have been around $800 Australian at that time.  And with ONE small crate travelling by sea.   No furniture, just Wedding presents.

We quickly moved from the errrr unpleasant boarding house to a flat.    Where Life was good.   No worries, not withstanding that we had chosen to live in the famous Red Light Area of the Melbourne suburbs,  But we never seemed to notice, but once I did have a car pull up and ask me 'how much' ON A SATURDAY MORNING.    But we found jobs and saved hard.    We had to take out a second mortgage for $500Australian (which everyone said we were mad to do and we would never pay it back)
but hey...... here we are today Australian Citizens and have been owning our own home for around 30 years.  The house is 14 squares brick and cost us $11350 (Australia had changed to metric then)

Just a few photos to show what it was like 48 years ago.

The brood came and went and are now helping to make the World a better place.

I wonder what it will look like in 45 more years time.

oh and I forgot to post.  It was the Scots birthday yesterday
spoilt, as usual.

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Anonymous said...

It is nice to look back isn't it, at times? You both did very well and can afford ( in satisfaction terms) to sit back and take your ease - well deserved! You made it happen and chased the dream - and what a lovely brood you have birdy. As for the future.... well, that has to look after itself... but it is always a passing thought I find. Your house was brand new - ours had been with one couple from new for 60 years. During the 25 yrs we have owned it I have always wondered and respected, what the previous owners would think now. Their happiness here can still be felt I think.
Lovely birdy and happy belated birthday to The Scot! Having jumped the gun a day early, I am now late! LOL. xxxxx