Saturday, March 30, 2013

and again its SCATTERDAY

This week the Cunning Creature Cinzia chose the letter

with the categories of


Ice Cream



so here we go

Female     ~     Sisters

My sister sadly passed away mid last year.  She still lived in England, but we managed to keep in touch firstly by airmail letters, which would take about 2 weeks to arrive then the great arrival of Cyberspace and I convinced her to try email.  She was nine years older, we did have a lot of sibling squabbles but she was very kind to me.   One thing I remember when she started working she gave me 1 shilling a week for my pocket money, we were a poor family and I had never had pocket money before.

Ice Cream     ~     Scrumptious Homemade Ice Cream

Not my favourite but The Scot loves it, and there is always some in the freezer.    His favourite is Jelly and Ice Cream.   Yes and for main roast and baked spuds.   Yes he likes very simple food and absolutely hates anything that is mixed together.  Even to everything being placed on the plate without touching.

Empty     ~     Swing Seat

I think the summer has passed and we now have much cooler days so the swing seat remains empty.  But it did look like this

and finally

Stash     ~     sheila's stash  (haha that was an easy one)

fabrics from my "holy Stash' waiting to be made into a quilt
and the result
and onto to the thought provoking, (copied from Cinzias blog)
hmmm I wonder what they meant by this week's categories

The letter is     A and the catergories
# house
# bird
# junk
# art from/for/in your sewing room

One's mind can really do a lot with those words and you have until 13th April to find your photos and words..see you then.


Pauline said...

Hi Bridie...What a wonderful photo of your sister and you.
I loved the empty seat! ....and all the colourful fabrics from your stash. I popped by earlier last night and saw your blog about your home. Congratulations! You must be an anchor in the area for new families.

Vireya said...

I'm a fan of home-made ice-cream, too!

That is a lovely photo of you and your big sister. You must miss her.

cinzia said...

I love the photo of your sister and you. You have looked after it well. I like the Scot am in love with home made ice cream. Unfortunately my knees are not:(

singingquilter said...

What a lovely tribute to your sister. I have always wanted to have my own ice cream maker, but I don't eat ice cream very often, and it would be just another thing to fill up shelves for me. I'll just have to come and visit you, I guess!! I have a swing in the backyard as well, amid all the weeds, just now.....

jacaranda said...

What beautiful looking girls, you and your sister. My mother used to make icecream when I was a little girl, it was real treat. Great photos and ideas for S.

Anonymous said...

How lovely to see you and Eileen like this birdy. I only remember you from about four or five years of age but Eileen always looked like this. Ice-cream - yummy! I too enjoy jelly with plain ice-cream. Few flavours I enjoy, toffee and maybe mint. Rum and raisin certainly - but truly the plain vanilla takes some beating.
Great stash and lovely results. xxx Jules. xxx

Lindi said...

Lovely memory about Eileen. :)