Saturday, February 16, 2013


Time again to test the little grey cells,


TASTY .....     Tomatoes, home grown. 

When I was knee high and lived in England Father grew tomatoes in his greenhouse at the bottom of the garden.  I have never tasted anything to compare with those (maybe it was the horse droppings that we would race to bucket after the milkman's horse passed.  

TINY ..... Tiny Troops.  

These miniature Roman Soldiers were purchased at a gift shop at Hadrian's Wall when I visited my land of birth in 1994.  There is great rivalry between dh and I.  He is The Scot and I am the Sassenach.   Not sure which side the kids take.

TERRIFYING.....  The Scot terrifies me.  

He is a control freak and thinks he can fix everything.   This was taken this morning his electric saw isn't working, and he is checking all the plugs etc.  If he sees his next birthday I think I will just buy him a new saw.

I could also add here

THE TERRIBLE TRIO.   This was from a page of previews.   I had arranged for a Studio Photo so that I could send a Poster Sized Photo to Mother in England who had not seen her grandkids.  In 19 out of the 20 shoots taken one or the other of the kids either had their tongue out, a finger over the others head or some such action.  But I did get one good one,but this is one I kept this for myself as it is just as they were  TERRIBLE but lovable.

And to finish
Something from the Sewing Room

THREADS.....Tassels.   Like all good Quilters, I have tried many many crafts.

This is much more difficult than it appears.

and in the words of cinzia
Next fortnight's fun is brought to one and all by the letter I, supported by money (that is something everyone would love to be supported by), tools, metal and in your sewing room inchies.
See you same place on 2nd March, without fail.  
To see what other folk have found go to Cinzia's Blog and look in the right hand margin and you will find links to all those who have posted for The Letter T.


Vireya said...

Your tassel looks nice. It's something I haven't tried so far.

cinzia said...

I tried the tassels also... mine however was a dismal failure and not something I will try again.
All this talk of homegrown tomatoes has made my tummy rumble ..again.

Pauline said...

Your stories about The Scot are a look-forward-to every fortnight. My father was an incredible handyman and could find a way to fix anything. I think some of it has rubbed off on me. The children's photo is great!

Sue said...

I too tried tassels once, never again. There's nothing like home grown tomatoes.

Joy V said...

Love the photo of the Terrible Three. I have 3 of them as well, but of course of all grown up. Love your Ts, and your Tassel is beautiful. Not sure about The Scot though!!

jacaranda said...

Great T's. I haven't tried making a tassel.

Jenny said...

What a fun and interesting "T" post!

Ozjane said...

lovely collection...have resisted Tassels so far and am envious of your tomatoes. I think Zucchini which I can never grow. has taken over this year and other things have suffered.
Love your terrible trio.
Say Hi to the Scot!

Liz Needle said...

Your posts are always fun to read. Love the photo of the Terrible Trio.

Anonymous said...

After a Terrible Time with this Technology birdy I am delighted to read your blog. It really is great fun and lovely to relax and smile over. And don't forget - the milkman was a rellie and his horse was called "Sugar" because all the children dashed out to offer him a lump of sugar! Wonder if the poor horse survived without getting bad teeth?! He certainly was not overweight but had a nose bag full of hay to help the sugar down! No doubt provided a lot of manure for Tomato's and Roses in the local area. We used to dash out with pail and spade too! Lovely blog birdy, happy memories and beautiful craft work. As for The Scot...... Well, words fail! Ttttttttt..... xx<3xx

Molly said...

I'd stick pins in my eyes before I'd try that tassel! Yours looks very nice though, proving that it is possible!

I love the embroidery on your header....