Sunday, February 10, 2013


phew talk about mammoth withdrawal systems......... I have been having major troubles with my computer, it really is time for a new one but dare not tell the Scot.    Three formats in 2 days. 

but as one earwig said to the other............... earwig go again ............

After managing to get back online, a few emails from No 1 Son who has relocated to Taiwan, and loves it.  He is the globe traveller of the family as he has just been to Japan for a holiday.    This is a photo he sent me

He seems to be thriving well, but just look at that snow .......brrrrrr too cold for me.

And I am waiting to start on a new quilt.   Haven't made myself one for many many months.  But I am just awaiting new glasses at the moment.     Its terrible trying to read, let alone sew.  But hopefully I will get them tomorrow or the next day.

But I have everything ready for the quilt.    The fabric with the hearts on it are for the backing.   And I treated myself to some spring loaded scissors.


retdairyqueen said...

Nice fabric Should make a nice quilt

Anonymous said...

What pretty material.... Will be really nice birdy when you have finished it and fun to do too. Hope it brings much pleasure, you deserve it!

How lovely to get your e-mails from PtT and the nice, happy picture - please extend love and best wishes from AJ.

Going to get back under my quilt now before the forecast snow arrives... Brrrrr.... Jules.x