Saturday, January 19, 2013


Time for the little grey cells to start working
is this weeks letter


New Zealand White RABBIT   these belonged to Middle Son and the the photo was taken 2005.   The breed is New Zealand White.

 now where would Mankind be without his REMOTE CONTROL.  I don't even go there .... that's the Personal Domain of The Scot.


RIDING  ......Yes I actually did take this photo.   It was taken pre 1965 when I was a POM.   In my teenage years I rode everywhere  I think I actually went through 3 of them,  not top of shelf jobs like today.... the second one actually had 3 yes THREE speeds.     This photo was taken before I snared The Scot..... he was a Motor Bike type (that's why I married him lol)   but on this occasion he borrowed my fathers.    The one time he has difficult keeping up with me.

and finally something RED from my sewing room
 what could be more RED

To read where all this started and also for a very entertaining blog post go to

and do check out the other Scatterdayers to see their take on the subject.


Joy V said...

Interesting photos - there have been a few rabbits already!! Also a few of us are taking a look back at history as well. Great idea of Cinzia's.

Vireya said...

Your sewing room looks very organised!

I have tubs which are more or less colour-sorted, but haven't got round to labelling anything.

ozjane said...

Good ones. I forgot about riding....have one of my Mum and Aunt setting out for a ride with me in the back carrier.
I even have my white and yellow Renault 10's those old photos!!

Jenny said...

Great photos, and what a handsome fellow he is too!

cinzia said...

A lot of memories are in today's photos. great memories riding bikes... hopefully the knees improve and I can try it again

Liz Needle said...

Great Rs. Riding bikes was one of my favourite things to do. Must look and see if I can find one of my old photos. Nice memories.

Sue said...

Remote controls are definitely in the male domain. I need to tidy my sewing room.

Susan Korrel said...

Just shows how switched off my brain is. We did a bicycle tour in Bali, but I could work out how to make 'bike' an R word. Oh dear! Monday morning could be difficult.

Ros said...

Oh those where the days when I used to ride my bike everywhere. I only had one sapped though lol.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Also fun comments to nice pictures birdy. Enjoyed the Cinzia blog too.
Riding - ah yes, the trusty pedal bike - t'was my pride and joy in the 1957-61 era. A blue sports type, small because I was - but zippy, oh yes! Ahhhh... those were the days.....
Remote control holder.. looks very familiar birdy :-) still in good use I hasten to add, thank you.
Rabbits are cute - we have 6inches of fluffy white RAIN here and the children are REJOYING and RELISHING the situation! Oh dear, I shall be Re-booting my brain all day now! xxxxx Jules.

Sarah said...

Cute bunnies! I had a New Zealand Red when i was young. that rabbit was HUGE and followed me everywhere. Sadly he was stolen from his cage one night and we fear someone had him for dinner :(

Pauline said...

Wonderful photo from your 'courting' days. I also
caught a peek of cricket on your TV. Lovely to know another quilter who likes the real 'beautiful game'!

jacaranda said...

Great photos, especially love the black and white one of the old bike. I am thinking of buying a bike.