Saturday, January 05, 2013


You may have noticed this new logo in my sidebar Scatterdays.  Briefly Cinzia is running this and she will choose four categories with the fourth being a quilt related one.  To read more click on the logo.

So this week here we go .......

The letter is W    ( very difficult, in my opinion)

Expensive.....     WATER, whilst we think its cheap one only has to do the yearly Accounts.

Exciting.....     WALK,   this year I am going to Walk every day and will mark it off on my calender..

MUSICAL.....     Watermark by Enya.    A favourite especially as I bought the CD while revisiting my homeland in 1994,

and my WIP    which seems to be on going for ever and a  day

Fairy Kisses a BOM (needless to say it was not stitched every month)  but it will get finished.

Thanks Cinzia for making my little grey cells work and giving me a little fun.


Vireya said...

Nice W collection!

How far are you walking?
Fairy Kisses looks like a lot of work.

Joy V said...

Lovely lot of photos. There's been some very interesting concepts. I'm enjoying it.

cinzia said...

What a top idea..walking every day AND recording it. Shall give it a go starting next week

jacaranda said...

Lovley photos, enjoying everyone's interpretation of the W. Love Enya.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures and ideas birdy.
Wicker work - ever tried that? I used to years ago and just loved it. It can play havoc with fingers though so may not suit a quilter. Fully soaked, the canes are soft to weave and getting a consistant shape requires firmness of direction but it can be rewarding. So - Wicker Waste paper baskets........ Jules xxxx

Liz Needle said...

Great pics. Water was my expensive category too.

blessed speedy said...

Lovely w photos - I actually made fairy kisses for my granddaughter Mia when she was born 5 years ago - a lot of work but well worth it