Saturday, January 05, 2013


indeed his new technology is leaving me behind.    I am constantly finding that I need Apps. etc.  to use any of the Internet appliances.    But the big problem is I don't have the modern machines.  My faithful PC still has Windows XP and of course I keep getting told I am using an outdated version of Explorer.  But if I download G@#$%  then all mayhem breaks loose on the computer.
Yesterday I tried to write the following post but of course blogger wouldn't let me upload the photos.    Still the same this morning.   But I managed to overcome it, without a phone, webcam or App.

It was   H O T

and that was in the shade.

Unfortunately the Solar Panels on the roof don't generate as much electricity when it is so hot but nevertheless this still adds to the money the Electric Company will pay us.  Ignore the date we can't do anything about that.  We just keep track of the W's.

So what does a white haired pensioner do on these days.  Switch the Air Conditioner on and


When I tried to write this around midnight it was still 31 degrees outside.  Thankfully despite the heat  I had a good nights sleep.  This morning is a tad cooler, and today is forecast to reach only 25 degrees.   The front and back doors are open wide and the windows.   But only until it heats up.

I'm glad I went for my walk early morning, and as soon as I finish my coffee I will be off for today's walk.

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Anonymous said...

Thought I would look here before emailing you birdy. Concerned about the weather although it seems that Tasmania has the worst of the heat and fires. Even so, you mention temperatures way out of my comfort zone. Glad you can sleep and also get your walk in before settling to the cricket. Jules xxxx