Saturday, January 26, 2013


I really don't like January very much.  It always seems just that ... dried out and parched.. even the weeds seem to die.

this is a photo taken this afternoon of the front garden.    We don't bother to water the lawn and I am trying to establish all the plants to be drought tolerant.

The fishpond area on the patio seems to survive a little better as it doesn't get so much sun

The weather this week has been so hot.  I have been quite concerned about Middle Son and his wife as their house is fairly close to the bushfires.   His wife did leave for Melbourne, MS had to stay because of work.   But thankfully a cool change came and a little (very little) rain.   So they are safe for this time.

On the days the temperature didn't approach 40 degrees I have been sitting outside on the swing seat, sewing and reading listening.   This is my new Ipod which I am not sure was such a good buy.  But I guess its early days yet.

Whilst we are sweltering we saw on the news that the Northern Hemisphere is freezing.   Quite remarkable the fountains that had frozen.  


Anonymous said...

Oh yes - believe it Birdy. Brrrr..
More mild from now on we are told.

So pleased that MS and DIL are safe and that they have had a little rain.

Your lawn certainly looks in need of a drink. Hope it comes gently when it arrives.

As you say, early days with the complex issues of an Ipod but take heart, you work things out and may yet get to grips with it - and I DON'T mean fighting lol! Take care.

cinzia said...

New toys can be a right pain. Keep going with the iPod they are great things