Sunday, December 30, 2012


Molly left a comment on my last post Beautiful birds! And you are, after all, The Bird Woman!
Now Molly I think I should explain that really my aubirdwoman has nothing to do with birds and came about because

I am Australian (no chain marks on the ankles but I do have a certificate and passport to prove it.  Also the symbol for GOLD is AU
I am married to a Scot ... you know cheap cheap (bird noise and Scots are renowned for their tight pockets                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
I am female ... you know woman
 hence     au bird woman.
How have you chosen your nicknames.

As my offspring have all relocated to different parts, I don't get to see them very often.   So when they visit they know they have to have the obligatory photo shoot.
Middle Son and his wife   ..... whom I affectionately call My Ageing Hippies .... visited today and we had quite a chat.  And its rather nice as The Chosen One is very Arty, much more talented than I but we had lots to chat about.
Gosh he is like his Dad used to look.   but they do make a handsome couple.

Are you Party Animals?   afraid The Scot and I are not.   so tomorrow evening will be spent watching the frivolities and fireworks of the New Year (and I can stitch some more hexies)


Anonymous said...

What a lovely picture and handsome indeed.
I just love your humour birdy! Now THAT is family - it has to be! A bit naughty like me!
Enjoy your tv fireworks - you will be in bed before us but will also be in another year before us!
Lots of love, Jules. xxx

Molly said...

Handsome couple, those hippies of yours Birdy! Never knew the story behind your blog name before! My g'mother used to call me "Molly bawn," which, in Irish, means fair haired Mary.

O am loving "Harold Fry---got about 40 pages to go!

The Little Blister had recommended "To Be Sung Under Water"===and here I see you've read it already! So now I'm coming here for books to read!

Hope you have a ghappy New year stitching in front of the telly! Partying is over rated anyhow!