Sunday, December 30, 2012


At long last I have tried to be sensible about the garden.    I now realise that seedlings although looking good, don't seem to do very well in the heat of the summer.   So I have planted lots of native trees.
These are mainly in the front, and some bushes on the patio.   And of course The Scots 'Orchard'

The only problem is it seems to be turning into a restaurant, these cheeky little fellows were making a terrible racked when I went to feed the goldfish this morning.


Anonymous said...

oooooo... How lovely! And I really like your new heading picture birdy. xxx

Molly said...

Beautiful birds! And you are, after all, The Bird Woman!

Just spotted Harold Fry on your bookshelf----I'm in the middle of it and loving it! Hope you and the Scot have a great new year!