Wednesday, December 05, 2012


it's only

and I am all behind like the cows tail.

I did get the decorations hung,  well mostly Quilts and the Tree now a days.

The patio is nearly done, the little one outside the backdoor is finished and the decorations hung.    But I have still to feed and mulch the Aggies and give a good sweep as well as clear the spider webs.

The net curtains have been turned up, oh why is it so difficult to get things to fit.  I know it really is that our house was built in imperial measurements, where as Australia used metric now.   But it does make like more difficult.

Tomorrows jobs are ....

  • the ironing MUST DO
  • finish the patio
  • pack the pressies and walk to the Post Office
and make an appointment to get my eyes checked.   Old age is creeping up on me at an alarming pace.

Meanwhile here is a sneak peview to put you in the picture.

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