Saturday, December 22, 2012


Like all good housewives around the world the preparations are nearly complete for Christmas Day.    Although unlike the majority of families our Christmas is very very quiet.    Just The Scot and my goodself.  The kids are too far away for travelling, but they do phone, and No1Son in Taiwan always manages a chat on Messenger.

I have so many good, warm, memories of Christmases Past.  Those spent in England before I married and followed the Scot to the other side of the world.  Then those of our first years married then with the kids.

This one was taken many moons ago.   I think you know the days of paper chains etc.   (have to admit I dont have them nowadays)

Just because its only us two  I  still just have to make the effort decorate with my Santas etc.  Decorations etc.   And as its Summer down here in the Southern Hemisphere it can get quite
H O T.

So the outside is used almost as much as inside.

Here we have the eating patio, weeded and decorated all ready for Christmas Dinner of Turkey veggies and roast spuds.

Late afternoon the sun catches some of the decorations and gives us a disco effect.

This photo shows the red light reflections but in real time they dance and move around.

This is the resting area all weeded and ready for that after dinner snooze  zzzzzzzzzz

This is my mystery flower that seems to survive in the corner of the goldfish pond area.   There were two but one seems to have died.   But then I found one behind the swing seat, so when the weather cools I will move it to join the other one.

Are You ready for the big day.   However you celebrate.

Please find time to drop in and have a cuppa and a mincepie.


Anonymous said...

In thought we will be there Birdy! Keep those pies at the ready and the kettle on! It all looks very festive and the lovely photo's taken this year show the loving care and preparation. The Scot is a lucky man....
Piccy pasttimes is beautiful and memories are treasured, hang on to those with a smile. Never mind the heat - the warmth memories bring light the face from within.
Have a lovely, happy day and extend the holiday with relaxation. Jules xxxx

Molly said...

Did you keep me a mince pie Birdy? I'll be right over.....The patio looks so inviting!