Monday, November 19, 2012


at the cupboard door

 probably to remind me that its only


and only TWELVE  more until they can be let out.
This is their current sleeping home .....

Its good that I started my presents early because these past couple of months I don't seem to have very much to show for my toils.

I think the least said about The Scot and The Kitchen the better.     Except I really love it.  That is the kitchen, the Scot well..... at the moment .... anyone want him .... NO RETURNS ACCEPTED.     But we have had so many arguments discussions, no they really are arguments.   The Scot is so one tracked minded and stubborn to boot.  At the moment its the tiles.  But I have come to the conclusions that I am dammed if I do and dammed if I don't.   The real problem is The Scot doesn't know what he really wants.   So everything I suggest is ugggg.    So I have cheerfully(?) told him, he must choose and I promise not to mention tiles ever again, because I am sure they will be fine ?????? My lips are sealed.  I must show you my new lights tho.

For years I have said how I wanted lights over the sink and now

The new electrician is very efficient.   But we have had so much trouble with the electrics and the first electrician.  Even to the extent the safety switches turned power off and they wouldn't turn back on.   And this was at 2.00 am in the morning.   So after a sleepless night  it was fixed in the morning.    I guess that's the problem with a house that's 44 years old and so many new modern appliances.   ah well.  
Soon be Christmas.


AnitaS said...

When your santa clauses come out the closet I know it is nearly christmas. I have start with my doll house changing for christmas. Then my christmas quilts and after that I can change everything. Ho, ho, ho let christmastime starts soon.

Anonymous said...

Looking very smart birdie! Ship your Scot here and he will soon be pleading to return and promising to be oh so good! Your word will be his command........... Well, maybe for five seconds lol. Nah - you are stuck with him now and lets face it, better the 'devil' you know and all that! Bless. Christmas, have the crackers, musical ones - and one or two gifts but having just returned from the shops I can't wait to have a cuppa now. My head is in a 'swirl'. Before Christmas you have a birthday anyway - so you must think of a treat for yourself and get it or do it! xxx