Thursday, November 22, 2012



33 more sleeps

Time to start making the list and working on the presents.  My present box has been sorted out and just a few more things to make.

In the meantime I couldn't resist joining the ATC swap for "Altered Santas"      Most of the participants live in the Northern Hemisphere so I hope they appreciate my take on Santa.

The surf was printed, the Surfing Santas I printed and then cut out then attached with a sticky dot.  The Ho Ho Ho are not to clear in the colour but  are red green gold.   These were attached with tiny strips of the sticky dots.   Quite a feat cutting and removing the back without getting into a mess.  

 But that was last night's craft whilst watching The Croker Island Exodus.   I can't really explain this film but it was very moving and happened when Japan bombed Darwin, it just goes to show the strength of women.  I believe that was the only time Australia has been under attack of war.   Read about it here

How fortunate I am to have been born where and when I was, have the choice of where I live and not know the horrors of war.


Anonymous said...

Keeping you busy - and they are looking good... ( Never thought of you as the 'Stuck up' member of the family though lol)


Elaine Adair said...

I'm just sitting here, thinking of you, and watching how much you enjoy coming of Christmas! 8-))

I am trying to catch up on my blogging - haven fallen behind after a myriad of pitiful excuses. 8-)) Stay cool!