Friday, October 26, 2012


the journey that counts.   Or so they say.   But for me the last few weeks have been horrendous and today almost the end, but looking so much better.

I will remind you of a few points.
I have been asking for a new kitchen for a long long time.   Mine hasn't been changed much, except for the coat of paint on the walls and one new oven.
When we see the TV shows they always come to the kitchen and say ... oh very 60ish this has to go.   Well mine was like that.  It was built in 1967 and has see the life and times of  a 'would be Apiarist' (honey bottled in the kitchen) plus quite a few weired occupations of The Scot, not to mention the life and times of three children.  Who were all allowed to cook from an early age.

Our budget is not very large, being pensioners.

The Scot is pushing 80, well he is 75 and doesn't believe that he can't do the things he did 20years ago.

The Scot is A Control Freak errrr make that King of The Control Freaks.   He has an Engineers mind, straight and clean cut.  And of course NO ONE can do things as well as Himself.

A few more pointers ...... He and I are like chalk and cheese, we like completely opposite things.   We never agree on anything.   (Have to come to some sort of pact).  I sometimes think he does it on purpose. 
In the good old days, of wall paper, we would argue so much,  I would finish up doing it myself, plus I used to do the painting as well.  I would love to do jobs together - he prefers to do things by himself so they are done properly.
If we have to get a Licenced Tradesman in ..... I disappear.   He hovers and even tries to tell them how to do their job.
I have had an almost constant headache, and really felt sick these last couple of weeks.  Spent most of my time in the computer room (the sewing room had been used to store everything),   listening to my Kindle and making ATC;s.

Bearing in mind the above facts.   Its quite a wonder that this .......

has now become this

 I am so pleased to be rid of that stupid shelf thing in the middle of the kitchen and dining room.

A new quilt and table top need to be made

Albert and Ted are so please to be out of the trunk and enjoying the new room.

Isn't this neat.  To put the hot saucepans on.

I have only been buying as we need of late.   But next week I can stock up the pantry.
There are still baskets to be place on the doors which will house the spices etc.

There have been quite a few hic cups along the way.  And we are still waiting to get the meter box properly done.  But EnergySafe are chasing up the guy who did it.   and we have a found super efficient Electrician.
Yes we did get one as I made myself quite ill worrying about the Scot trying to do electrics.

The Scot thinks he knows everything .... won't add much more to that ....    but I did tell him once to  'read the instructions' and he said he had and they were all wrong.   I rest my case.

But I do have a lovely kitchen.

On thinking I am not going to mention the bathroom or the bedroom.   I think I will just use a little more elbow grease, it will be a lot easier on my nerves.

In spite of all the above, the headaches and worries,  I must say that The Scot has done a really lovely job and I am very proud of my new kitchen.


Anonymous said...

PHEW! When the heat is on in the kitchen - get out birdy.. And now you are pleased with the results... Great! You can now have fun adding your new extra touches and r e l a x,,,,,,,,, Looking good kiddo and The Scot can now get out into the garden for a little more mischief out there lol. Take care and enjoy your new work space. x

AnitaS said...

Your new kitchen is very lovely. I thought you descriped my husband in stead of yours. We also do not agree on anything. But we suceeded our mariage already 47 years so something must be good.

pegsplace said...

Very nice Sheila! Finally! ANY renovations are difficult but yours are extra special because of your extra special SCOT! Come and check out the renovation of my upstairs bathroom :( has been in the works and like the picture on my site for the last two months :(....I really could use a bath instead of always a shower :)...I will be patient like you and bite my tongue! :)

Molly said...

It's lovely Birdy, but I can understand the toll on the nervous system! The OC is a younger version of The Scot by the sound of it! [No body on the road, for instance, knows how to drive but himself....]

Enjoy it and, for now, just use the elbow grease in the other rooms!

Lindi said...

It looks lovely Sheila! Very fresh. :) An you were right, the paint colour is perfect! Love it. :)

bombom said...

it looks just wonderful hops, you must be very, very pleased:)and bravo to the Scot:)