Thursday, October 04, 2012


is an email from No1Son saying, 'how are you, I was wondering how the kitchen is going etc' to make me realise that it is 16 days since my last post and I haven't written any emails either.
But Yes we are fine here, although a tad untidy, and NO I haven't divorced The Scot.

Maybe I am getting older and wiser, but I am learning, with great difficulty, to keep my mouth firmly SHUT.

As you know .......
the Scot likes to do everything himself.   If he doesn't know how, go the the Library or of late surf the net.  But he knows thinks he can do it better (usually does) but we should do need  skilled workmen for some things.   (Well in my opinion).
Also I don't think he realises he is not the strapping young strong man I married.    He thinks he should be doing manual work easily but he is pushing 80.   He hates that and insists he is only 75.   For my own peace of mind I have learnt
  • keep out of the way
  • keep the panamax (for headaches and stiffness) fully stocked
  • keep a couple of tubes of dencorub (for his sore neck and back and and and).

He has put two wall cabinets up, and painted part of the wall.    And he asked if I liked it.    When I ask him if he likes something I am making, he says ..... oh I don't know wait until its finished.,

So I said to him ..... in your words ..... wait until its finished.     in my words .... I love it and think it is going to look fantastic.
I am so glad I stuck to my guns over the colour.    He said both he and the guy who mixes it said it was too dark.    But against the white cabinets and it is a North facing room with afternoon sun, its just right.

Here are a few photos of work in progress.   Remember it has been 44 years, virtually looking the same.Meanwhile   the pantry is in the hallway, the table and chairs are in the lounge, the cookware is in the sewing room and this morning the sink comes out and all the other bits and bobs have to be located somewhere.

It did look nice for 44 years.  But very 60ish and I always hated that glass cabinet that really held just junk and divided the two rooms.  But you guessed it .....The Scot really liked it!!!!!!!!!

 The sewing room comes in useful.   That's the flooring on the left.
And on the right the lounge where almost anything goes.

 ah that's looking better already.  Much nicer without that horrible cabinet.

Looking better.   Notice the nice wall colour.  When its all the same nice promrose.  And tiles,thinking along shades of green.  But today the sink goes and then the oven.

Although I feel that I have given in to The Scot on a lot of things.   I am insisting on a roller blind for the kitchen, and new drapes for the dining room. 
watch this space.

Meanwhile to keep me out of HIS way and my own sanity I have been making some ATC's for the swap "Queens"   Now I really tried looking for a nice pretty lady etc. etc.   but somehow this theme just kept leaping into my mind.    Now it wouldn't have anything to do with my being a Freddie Mercury fan would it

please tell me that that looks like a vinyl record. 

and one for the Swap Hostess

meanwhile The Scot has been busy and hey NO WASHING UP.

oh dear I knew I couldn't get out of it.

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Jules said...

BRILLIANT! Well done both of you! True harmony and compromise there. It is great that you each have had an input re ideas and suggestions - and then testing ideas out. When finished your kitchen will be lovely.
As for being a FM fan - well.... another one here! And not being a sewer, yes I thought it was a disc Well done again birdy!