Thursday, September 06, 2012


Yes the weather is definitely Springlike.   Very very windy, but this morning when I went out to feed the gold fish the sun definitely felt warm.  I couldn't check the temperature as the wind had blown the thermometer off the wall.   Fortunately it didn't break but its in The Scots Workshop awaiting a new hanger.

And to prove its Spring, these are my Clivea just coming into flower

The photo is a little dark but it is late afternoon and the shadows are on the fishpond area.  I will take another later in the week earlier in the day.

Meanwhile my sewing room has been taken over by the THE KITCHEN, well at least storage of kitchen bits and bobs. 
Things are very heavy and unfortunately I am not much help to The Scot, so we decided it best to store the new things inside as they were delivered.   This is the wall oven, hotplate, exhaust fan and the sink is on the far left.  So not too much sewing in there.

But not to worry, I have taken over The Scots computer room.   We moved my cutting table and this stands behind my computer. 

As you can see I have made myself quite at home, and its great for creating the ATC's.

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