Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Not so many 'try agains' this time.  But a lot of thought power went into this one.   The background was printed about two weeks ago.   But I just couldn't find or think of an image for Scrooge (did think of putting a Christmas Photo of the Scot there).

These are my ATC's for A Christmas Carol.  Six of them this time.

It was quite funny really as I have been cutting Scrooge and his Ghost out at night, whilst watching the TV with the Scot.   Last night I was up and down like a yo yo,  Had the cushions off the chair, all the sewing things off the little table until The Scot asked ....What have you lost - a needle again?
No says I....I cant find my ghost and Scrooge.    Found them eventually.

Other activities include shopping on my own (ah bliss) and then keeping out of The Scots way.   Yes The Great Kitchen Change has begun.

And this one for the Swap Hostess

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Anonymous said...

So funny - but naughty, poor Scot!