Monday, August 13, 2012


Wise words from My Mother ......'don't wish you days away, they will go too quickly when you are older'

oh how true .....   I have just lost a month.    And feeling very embarrassed as well.  As mentioned previously I joined the Artist Trading Card online Yahoo Group.   And I have been joining some swaps (photos have been posted).  Well I joined 'Postage Stamps' early in July, sign up date 12 August and due date 15th August.  But of course mine have to travel into the Northern Hemisphere so should have been mailed early August.
But in my mind I kept thinking oh plenty of time, plenty of time.   hahaha   yesterday I suddenly realised the 15th is this Wednesday and no way could they arrive on time.  But a frantic email to the hostess and she fortunately replied promptly .... and I am still sending, fingers crossed they won't take more than 7 days.

I have been slightly distracted with a few minor Docs visits,   Blood Pressure is now verging on the low side lol.   and  No1Son is paying us a visit from Taiwan.  But I still should not have lost count of the days.

Anyway these are the ATC's I made.


The Sailing Boat is actually 3D and your can make it sail up and down.

And 1 for the Swap Hostess.
I do hope they arrive in time and I have now printed out a List to enable me to keep track of when the swaps are due to leave my hands.   Although I think I will start marking them on the calender in bright RED letters.


AnitaS said...

It happened to me too. Age maybe. Now I have a big calendar in front of me with deadlines.

quiltmom said...

We all play in different ways and play different amounts of time.
You have made some lovely cards and I am sure had a wonderful time with your son. It is always wonderful when we are with our families.
Warmest regards,

Molly said...

Birdy---you are a star! Everything you make has the golden touch.
I have a wonderful book for you, from the Blister. Read it while in Ireland. It's by Helen Simonson---Major Pettigrew's Last Stand----I'm sure you'd love it. Stay healthy1 Hugs, Molly