Thursday, August 23, 2012


But downunder we have August Winds and lots of showers.  Yesterday was beautiful, sunny and windy (and not too cold).   Lots of washing after visitors but everything was washed line dried and aired and is now put away until next time.   We only have a small house so we don't have a guest bedroom, but there is always somewhere for them to rest their heads.

Today looked the same but this afternoon the thunder has been rumbling around the hills and a short time ago it was lightning.   At the moment we have blue skies and dark clouds surrounding the horizon.

So an indoor day, after a blood test (have to fast so try to get to the clinic early before the crowds, and believe me sometimes there are crowds)   Home for breakfast and coffee, then a quick trip to WG for our weekly copy of the Age (we buy it for the Weekly TV Guide)   Fresh muffins for lunch, fresh veggies for tea,  and then the afternoon was mine.

Three ATC's accomplished for the swap  'Japan"    trying to be a little different this time.    Anxiously awaiting the arrival of my other swaps so I can get an idea of what is expected of me.   But I feel quite pleased with these.

The Group has quite a few swaps and the next one I am interested in is 'A Christmas Carol'

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AnitaS said...

Sheila. This is very beautiful.