Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Friday

umm wonder why its called Friday ... maybe because its commonly known as 'fish and chips for tea'.   The Scot and I like fish and chips but we found the ones bought at the shop offered huge pieces of fish and a minimum of 50cents of chips, which in our opinion is enough to feed a family.   So for our quickie tea on Friday we have Oven Cooked fish, I prefer Dory but the Scot doesn't mind.  And we do like Potato Gems usually around 10 each, and for vegies well I love baked beans.   Just the ones in tomato sauce nothing spicy or fancy and a small tin is just fine for us.

We have just about aborted a World War in our House.    Why you may ask of a usually quiet retired couple.   Well we are having a new kitchen.   The old one is as old as the house 44 years old.   Now you may think this is an easy task but bear in mind.    The Scot and I are like chalk and cheese, and never the twain shall meet.   So there have been a few hot words, once with me storming out, saying I don't want anything more to do with it, do it your way.  Yes I am known to cut off my nose to spite my face at times.
To add to all of this, we do have a small (very) kitchen, built in Imperial not Metric measurements, and being retired we do have a limited budget.    oh and did I mention The Scot has an Engineering brain, sometimes can't see the wood for the trees or is it trees for the wood.   )

But yesterday we put in our order for a quote so hopefully all will go ahead at full speed.

Meanwhile to calm my nerves, I am so glad I don't have the appointment to have my blood pressure checked just yet.  So to calm myself down I have done some sewing.

My ATCs for the Games we Play Swap have been sent and this is the one I did for the Hostess

I also made another which I wont show you at the moment.

Embroidery has been very relaxing

This does make an ordinary top look rather nice.   And it is very warm.   So nice in fact that I am doing another

Not usually buying many clothes, as I am not a social butterfly.   I did treat myself to these two plus a blue one which I am wearing at the moment.  No extras on this one, but it is warm and cosy.  It seems to have been really cold in Melbourne this Winter with a lot of rain.   The dams are at least 70% full which good news.

Lots of reading has been listened to as I sew. 

Plus I have two favourite serials I am watching at the moment.  The Scot doesn't like them,   so he records them and I usually watch and sew after he has gone to bed.   Storybrook: Once Upon a Time and Downton Abbey .... dont you agree

Hugh Bonniville is to die for.

Mr Bates is not bad either.

We have The Christmas Special coming on Sunday.  I do hope Matthew and Mary marry

What a long post but I hope this makes up for my lack of words over the past few weeks..


PHIL the POM said...

Fish and chip day eh like you we find the helping to much for us so compromise with two fish one chips and share, like you we dont buy the shop ones but prefer to do our own
Glad to hear that youm are having a new kitchen lucky girl, tell the Scot he is naughty to you but at least you are getting a new kitchen
wetwet here still but better is coming they promise, I am getting out a little but not far as yet feeling very fragile after the chestb infection cricket isd on tV versus the South Africans we have wtarted well but they are a good team God bles ptp

Jules said...

What a busy bee you are! All sounds positive though and a happy outcome. We found somewhere which sells 'Senior fish and chips!" Rather like childrens portions but about right. Prefer oven cooked chips but it is nice to ring the changes. Best at the seaside, straight from the shop, with a nice sunset! Lol.
Very nice tops birdy, I am wearing my new fleece dressing gown, pink with an embroidered pocket. Summer looks as if it might be this week! For one week only though!!!
Keep happy. xxx

PHIL the POM said...

Hi Sis.
weather hot hot but cooling of we got tonked by a very good South Africa at cricket ouch it hurt
now All olympics we sat up most of the night to see the opening ceremony and both agree it was out of this world really wonderful hope you caught it, we shall have tv eyes by the the next month is over
aussie man mark webber won the GP so you did win something allthough we are sure you will win many golds at the olympics God bless how is the kitchen going send us some photos when completed tatty bye c u soon. PtP

PHIL the POM said...

Whow!! what a day for the old country, 5golds today and three in one hour in the evening it was fabulous Team GB -Getting better hurrah for the old blighty sorry about OZ well no I 'm not really. ha ha ha love PtP

bombom said...

Do hope you enjoy your new kitchen Hops, I love my new one here in Castlemaine. A small tip...get the benches at exactly the right height for you , and so avoid backache.

Love Bron.