Tuesday, July 31, 2012


have you started writing your lists.

I have a few presents completed and in my Present Box.

but I need to do some serious planning before that.   The times just

seems to fly.

Meanwhile I have now left the kitchen to The Scot.   He knows what I like and what colours.    But his ideas are so different from mine.  And I just hate arguing.

Meanwhile to help keep the blood pressure down I have been sewing.

A warm top made special with some embroidery.   And it does feel cosy.

As a Pommie born Aussie I still have relatives in England.   So we celebrate amongst ourselves 'Sisters Day'  I have one birth sister, one sister in law and one Chosen sister.  We have made this the first Sunday in August and this is just a day we think of each other, either with an email, a postcard or a present.   No pressure what you can do at the time.
this is what I did, as I like making craft presents.


most of the sisters make Greeting Cards which are truly wonderful.   So I thought I would make an ATC to go with the presents.

 Number One Son is visiting from Taiwan in a weeks time, and as necessity makes him sleep in the sewing room,  I need to prepare lots of hand sewing.  He hopes to do a lot of studying whilst here so maybe I can sit with him and stitch.  (provided he sticks to his plans and doesn't become his usual as a Social Butterfly :)  )


AnitaS said...

Oh no, so soon already. I have to do a lot but I can not because my ankle is in pflaster.

PHIL the POM said...

You are a card we havn't finished summer yet then autumn before we even begin to think about Vhristmas but glad you enjoy it so much. by the way we enjoyed "Downton Abbey" very much it went down big here?
we are all olympics here now bbc tv is solid games from early morniong till close down in early hours we have enjoyed a lot of it particuarly the opening ceremony which we thought was fabulous. weather cool and showery typical british summer shant get brown like this? but hav worn only my shorts (andTshirt) since early may cricket tomorrow We must beat these s afrticans they murdered us last match love your craft pieces ptp

Anonymous said...

Watching Olympics
Weather no to good looks showery and windy
Enjoy your time with No 1 Son
Barn owl

Jules said...

Gifts beautiful birdy and very much appreciated.
Those lovely cards are fantastic too, most unusual.
Enjoy time with No 1 Son, keep warm but continue to 'chill out' with your lovely stitching.xxx