Saturday, June 23, 2012


The fact that I missed yesterday The Winter Solstice or The Shortest Day of the Year can probably be forgiven due to the fact that it was the coldest and wettest day for this year.  But I should probably be used to that as being born and bred in the Northern Hemisphere The Winter Solstice is just before Christmas.   Which I guess explains the reason there seems to be a fashion for celebrating Christmas in July.   But whether July or December its darn cold and wet here.   As I write this its only 6.3 degrees outside.  I have even taken a fanatical liking to my fingerless gloves.   These were originally made for The Scot when he had his chemo.  But his sister sent a pair for me, probably not thinking I would wear them.    They are now constantly on my hands (except when the hands are in water). 

As I only have the one pair and needing another pair and not being willing to pay $10 for a pattern with a lot of other mittens and gloves in it, I decided to have a go at my own design.

First effort

Number of stitches seems ok and the left side of decreasing, but I don't think I need to decrease as many stitched on the right side (oh they are knitted on two needles and then stitched up the side)  But I think I need to make them a tad longer so they cover the bottom of the fingers.

I must also knit a new hat for walking.  It is so cold at the moment.  I have a purple hat and a pink scarf lol.    Not terribly fashion conscious but then I don't meet many folk on my walk.

Sewing wise I have entered the weekly Quilting Blogging Contest

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and if you like my quilt please vote for me

This is one of the embroidery quilts I have made, and currently hangs in the lounge.

The prize is kindly donated by  
and consists of

a special pair of snip scissors by  Gingher  - I would love to win those –  Floss which is hand dyed Weeks Dye Works Floss – a dream to stitch with and needles, which never go amiss. 
I change my needles often as I feel they go a little blunt, so it would be good to have plenty on hand.

Oh ...Tuesday evening had an Earthquake here in Victoria, with a magnitude of 5.3, was almost 10km deep with an epicentre between Trafalgar and Moe in the southeast.
At our place we heard this kind of rumble noise.  Sort of like the water pipes.   But I don't think I would like to experience a really big one.


Jules said...

Thought I left comment here - wouldn't let me sign in though! Will mail you. Will try to vote also if this 'takes'.

Jules said...

Seems to have worked this time.

Like new mitts and the nice ones Barn Owl made. Have made them myself using glove pattern but casting off before finishing fingers and thumb.

Wild and wet here - mid Summer!

Off to vote!

Barn Owl said...

Will go and vote
Nice to have you back

Sarah said...

I still use my pink mitts she made me. But not this time of year! it must have been a zillion degrees today.

Phil the pom said...

Hi Sis,greetings to you both i like your mittens but 6;3 cold no no no, thats comparitively warm for wintr the coldest we had in northampton last year was around minus 10c now that was a tad coldf but have known worse, thankfully I don usually (if I am ok )feel the cold i cant remember ever wearing gloves and nowadays very rarely a top coat,the wet wet continues here its a laugh this year was the wettest drought anyone has ever had what a joke but at least the water boards are in agreement that the ban on hoses is over but the gardens are lookingb the best i can remember so have to be greatful fo that
take care of the SCOT he's still looking good tatty bye 4 now, Phil the Pom