Saturday, June 02, 2012


and nearly the shortest day of the year when we paint ourselves in woad and dance around the bonfire singing 'whats the use of wearing braces'

Yes you have guessed it, I don't like the winter.   Ok I admit it does have some good points like

  • more quilts on the bed
  • cuddle quilts on the knees at night in front of the TV
  • no excuse needed to go to the Sewing Room - well it is raining
  • hot soup and jacket potatoes

to name a few  but I do count down the days until Spring and the warm weather.   My bones don't seem to like the colder season so much now.


Postie loves me

a parcel

from overseas arrived


The Atc's from my swap partner Jill who can be found at    what a fabulous name and she is so clever.

She also enclosed a postcard.  must have snook a look at my blog.


plus some gorgeous hand painted fabric. 

Thanks so much Jill,   you were truly a lovely swap partner.

You remember I told you never to believe what the pattern tells you.   Well its true again.    Two Hours indeed.     I think I spent every evening last week casting on, getting so far, dropping stitches, starting again.


tra la

I have finished a blue beaded brooch for my present box.

Tomorrow or errr later today I hope to play with making some ATC's for a swap with a new Online Group.   This swap is called "My Cup of Tea"  and anything goes, so it will be fun.

But for now, off to the join The Scot, who is snoring his little head away, and a lovely warm bed, because the electric blanket has been on 3 for a couple of hours.

zzzzz                zzzzzz                  zzzzzz                   zzzzz                 zzzzzz


Barn Owl said...

Your shortest day our longest day is on the way
Summer is here where I do not know temps have dropped
And has been very windy
Never mind the cricket season has arrived. Like the things on your blog this week
I have some of those pattern very easy they say but?????
Work it out yourself and you won,t go wrong
Love you
Barn owl

Quilt Rat said...

so happy you enjoyed your parcel....I am with you....I dislike Winter very VERY much!

LOVE that little purse brooch FABULOUS! Where did you find the pattern for this? Definitely looks like it was worth the effort.....will the next ones be easier?

Phil the Pom said...

Hi Sis we have just completed four wonderful days of celebrating our QUEENS DIAMOND JUBILEE WHAT A GLORIOUS TIME WAS HAD BY ONE AND ALL
I trust you have seen some of the great things we have been involved with wonderful celebrations and great TV, been glued to it, but so magnifiocent you cant keep old Brittannia down for long we really show the world how to do it whoopee,
back to easrth with a jolt this morning but soon be be time for more god bless and great work you are doing love to the "scot".